It’s Airi’s 17th blog~~ ☕️ ☺️ 🍐 (2023.09.03)






Thank you for opening my blog!



I’m Sakurazaka46 third generation’s 18 year old
Taniguchi Airi from Yamaguchi 🐡






It’s the 17th blog from Airi, who felt like an adult when she could drink the iced coffee that she got from catering the other day~~





Long time no see~!




Isn’t that amazing?!



The iced coffee just happened to be there, so I thought I’d take a sip and it turns out I could drink it!



Furthermore, there wasn’t any sweetener added! 


I was impressed by myself.




I was so happy that I told my mom, “I could drink iced coffee!” 🤭



I was happy because I felt like my taste buds had matured 🥰




I also told Rika (Ishimori Rika),
And she praised me saying, “That’s amazing~!!!” ☺️






When we were talking about iced coffee,
Riko (Endo Riko) also said, “Rii also could drink it nowー!”, how cute,,, 🤭





ーーー Today’s events ーーー



The online meet & greet and online signing event were held today!



Thank you very much to everyone who came ☺️



It’s the last for this single,,,

So it feels lonely~,,,



I’m paired with Yuzu (Nakashima Yuzuki) today!



Thank you very much to Yuzu’s fans~! ☺️



We did the same hairstyle today~ 


I love Yuzuー

Airi is Yuzu’s child.




There was also the online signing event~



I’m not really good at writing while talking, but I feel like I’ve gotten better than before?! 🤭



For people who are thinking that it feels a little bit lonely because I was silent while doing the autograph or writing a message and are wondering whether they should come again, please feel free to talk to me first! 


Let’s create fun memories~





Thank you very much for this single!



From this single, the real meet & greet was held, so I was happy and it was so fun!



I don’t know when the next single will be released, but I hope you’ll come to see me ☺️









With Kousaka-san!!



It seems like she read that I wrote about liking Hachiware from Chiikawa in my blog,


And she said


“I brought a Hachiware plushie on the last meet & greet, should’ve given it to you~”


“I’ll give it to you next time~ ☺️”






Of course I was happy that she’s going to give it to me, but


I was like


Brought?! A Hachiware plushie?! To meet & greet?!




My face always becomes like the ☺️ emoji when I talk to Kousaka-san.




ーーー Soko Magattara, Sakurazaka? ーーー



Tonight, the Shiga location shoot will finally be broadcasted~!



Takemoto-san guided us through Shiga prefecture with herself as a focus~


Please check it out~




If my turn for writing the blog was tomorrow, I could’ve posted a picture~



Well, look forward to it next time!





Also, there was a family questionnaire episode the other day~!



There was a photo of 0 year old me,
And when I asked my mother if she has a cuter pic,
She answered, “That was taken minutes after you were born, you know~! Isn’t it amazing that you had your eyes wide open like that?”


I guess so,,, 🤔




Seems like she answered the questionnaire nervously because she doesn’t want me to get mad. Lol








That’s right,,,!



It’s September now~!


As I wrote in this month’s greeting card,



My targets are



・To finish reading a book
・To eat pears
・To smell the fragrance of a golden osmanthus!




The reason is,


Because autumn is the season of reading and eating~!


I really love fruits with high water content like pears and apples~




And, the reason why I chose golden osmanthus is because there was a golden osmanthus tree on the way to my school back home! 



I would feel like the Autumn vibes and be happy whenever I smell the fragrance of golden osmanthus 😊


If I smell golden osmanthus in summer, I’d think it’s just a sweet flower smell, but when I smell it in autumn, I’d feel happy and think, “It’s the smell of golden osmanthus~!”


I wonder if anyone can relate to that~?









The other day, Itoha (Mukai Itoha) wrote about me in her blog~!



I don’t usually cry when reading something, but that almost made me cry~ 🥲





Tomorrow is Itoha’s turn. Itoha is a cute girl who is all over the place and seems like she’s thinking about a lot of things but also nothing at all.



↑ This is my diary entry a day before Itoha was revealed. 



I can feel that I didn’t really know much about her at the time~




She’s a cute girl who’s all over the place and thinks about a lot of things.



When she’s in her younger sister mode, she’s really clingy, but when she’s in her older sister mode, she’s really dependable and her way of thinking is really mature~





If she reads this,
I feel like she’d say,
“Hey~ this is embarrassing~~” Lol





I’m always grateful


Love ya~ ☺️





ーーー QnA Corner ーーー





○ Your favorite Sakurazaka outfit?




I think it’s the sailor-like outfit from Natsu no Chikamichi, after all~!




I got really excited when I first saw it because it’s too cute,,





Also, BAN’s MV outfit~!


The sleeves look like they have pleats? I like that~




○ A book you’ve read recently?



I read Asakura Akinari-san’s “Kyoushitsu ga, Hitori ni naru made”!



It’s a murder mystery book, but it was also fun to figure out why the title is like that!



I finished it in a single day








A rare self-makeup selfie 📸



Actually, I’ve only learned how to put makeup on properly after joining Sakurazaka~~ 



I’m still learning,,,



I want to get better~





That’s all for today!





It’s been a year since I applied for the audition.




I’m still not sure if it’s “already” a year or “only been” a year.




I might be thinking of posting the photo I sent for the audition for the next blog~ 🤭



I’m still not sure though,,, 🤭




Please stay healthy until we meet again!






Tomorrow is Yuzu!




When I asked her which of the photos we took today was better,


She answered, “Both ♡”



I was sure that she’d answer both, so I was surprised that I was right. Lol




I figured out what she’s thinkingー!







Look forward to Yuzu’s blog!





See you 👋🏻👋🏻

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