It’s Airi’s 24th blog~~ 🎸👓🥚







Thank you for opening my blog




I’m Sakurazaka46 third generation’s 18 year old
Taniguchi Airi from Yamaguchi 🐡






It’s the 24th blog from Airi, who has been addicted to nametake mushrooms lately~~





The taste suits anything, so you can put it in any kind of food~

Highly recommended~






Good job at school and work~~



Today is Friday~!!





I usually went home with my guitar on my back on Fridays~ 🎸





ーーー Watashi ni Bye-bye ーーー




The teaser for my individual PV, “Watashi ni Bye-bye”, has been released~!





The director is Sanbonsuge-san, who also worked with us for the third gen documentary~!






Yoshida Ichiro Untouchable World-san, Beat Satoshi-san, Ohtani Mai-san, and Hino Jackson-san appeared in the PV!




I was struggling to follow the rhythm of the song, but they gave me a lot of advice, and I think the end result was pretty good!






I reallllllllllly love the song, so please listen to the full version too!



I keep humming it at home ♩





“Does boiling eggs count as cooking?”

That legendary line got used,,,, 🤭





I also love everyone else’s PVs, so let’s watch them all together~!



Airi in serious mode~~

This is pretty much how Airi looks like at school 👓




The makeup was so cool, so I was excited~!






ーーー Meet & Greet ーーー





A real meet & greet will be held for this single~!!





○ Kyoto venue

2024-01-13 (Saturday) Kyoto Pulse Plaza



○ Makuhari venue

2024-01-21 (Sunday) Makuhari Messe



There are 4 slots for each day!

1st slot 12:00~13:00
2nd slot 13:30~14:30
3rd slot 15:30~16:30
4th slot 17:00~18:00






I can meet everyone in real life again~~!


The last real meet & greet was so fun, so I was eagerly waiting for the next one~ 🥰🥰




By the way, January 13th was my reveal date~!!


I’m so lucky, aren’t I ☺️☺️





The first round of application will be on

October 18th (Wednesday) 14:00 ~ October 19th (Thursday) 23:59!



Don’t forget~!




I’ll be waiting for everyone~!







There’s also the online meet & greet,
So for the people who couldn’t come to the real meet & greet,
Let’s meet online~!



I’ll announce the application date later~!





ーーー Shinzanmono ーーー



I already wrote about this in my last blog, but,



Sakurazaka46 third gens will participate in
“Shinzanmono LIVE at Theater Milano-Za”
Which will be held in Tokyu Kabukicho Tower
Starting from November 6th (Monday)!



ーーーーー Schedule ーーーーー


6th (Monday) 18:30~
8th (Wednesday) 18:30~
9th (Thursday) 18:30~
11th (Saturday) 13:00~、18:00~
12th (Sunday) 13:00~、18:00~

1st (Friday) 18:30~
2nd (Saturday) 13:00~、18:00~


The advance lottery application for fanclub members will end on October 16th at 23:00 so please apply soon~!



We’re preparing a lot of songs for the performance,
So please come to watch the new sides of us!




I’ll do my best to grow with each performance, so I’d like you to see the process as well!




I’ll be waiting for everyone~!



Thank you very much!






It was Fujiyoshi-san’s birthday on August 29th,
Ten-san’s on September 8th,
Onuma-san’s on October 12th,
And today is Matsuri-san’s birthday~!


Happy birthday 🎂🎂






During the jacket photo shooting, Fujiyoshi-san was near me, and she patted my head~


At first I didn’t know who it was, but when I looked up Fujiyoshi-san’s finger was there~ 🤭





My eyes would often meet Ten-san’s eyes during lessons, and she would wink at me most of the time!


When she learned that I was born earlier than her, she said “Then, I guess Airi is the older sister~” ☺️





I really respect how Onuma-san gives her all on Sokosaku and other TV shows!


She would always greet me, “Good morning~ ☺️” when we meet in the morning, it soothes my heart,,




Matsuri-san is always so cheerful with me, and she pays attention to her surroundings!



She’s so amazing that the third gens would always say between ourselves,
“Matsuri-san is really cool,,,”




Once again, happy birthday 🎉🎉





That’s all for today!




I’ll do the QnA corner next time~!





See you 👋🏻👋🏻





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