Mini marathon Murai Yu (2023.10.15)





It’s Sakurazaka46’s 3rd generation member, Murai Yu!















Last night, I appeared on “All-Star Thanksgiving: Autumn 2023″s



Akasaka 5-chome mini marathon.










It’s been a night already, but I’m still feeling the afterglow of it…



It’s somewhat feel unreal…








As I was running,





“You can do it!”



I heard many such voices, which made me truly truly happy.


I was able to run as hard as I could until the end.









To everyone who came to cheer for me in location,




to those of you who watched on TV and cheered on me,


truly, thank you very much!!







I’d be happy if I could give even a little courage and energy to everyone who saw me running.





Nogizaka46’s Sato Kaede-san



I was so nervous being on my own,


but having a fellow Sakamichi member, Sato Kaede-san, by my side made me feel at ease and reassured.




I was happy to be able to chat with her.



I will continue to work hard with the hope

that one day we could work together again!













And that way


#yublog for today~


Thank you very much for reading!




The week starts tomorrow.




Let us both do our best at work, school, and others together~



Don’t push yourself, just take it easy at a slow speed 🐇




Bye bye

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