It’s Airi’s 34th blog~~ 🥣🤭👶🏻 (2023.11.02)









Thank you for opening my blog





I’m Sakurazaka46 third generation’s 18 year old
Taniguchi Airi from Yamaguchi 🐡











It’s the 34th blog from Airi, who ate vermicelli soup this morning~~









I didn’t burn my tongue today!!!!




I finished it without my tongue stinging 🙆‍♀️




I guess you really have to let it sit for a while before eating it after all,,, Lol










ーーー Shinzanmono ーーー





There’s only a little time left until the Sakurazaka 3rd gen Shinzanmono show~




I think the nervousness still outweighs the excitement for now,,,






Also, I got to watch Hinatazaka46 4th gen-san’s dress rehearsal today!




Everyone was truly sparkling, it was a performance that showed that all the 4th gen members were practicing with the same goal in mind.



It really gave me a lot of inspiration.




I wanted to write in more details, but I shouldn’t spoil, so I can only write a short comment,,,,,







Since I received inspiration from 4th gen-san, I’m going to gear up and work even harder now!



We also discussed some parts that we still need to make sure of on the way home today~










We wanted to take a photo of us jumping, but it turned out blurry 🤭🤭🤭








This is,,,,



A bit of a failure??







Because we missed the timing,
There’s also a photo of the three of us squatting~



But, you see,,,



Everyone was full of smiles 🤭🤭




I can’t upload it on my blog, but I added it to my favorites album ☺️








Miu (Murayama Miu) who came to get warmth from me



Seems like she forgot her outerwear, so she was all like “So cold~” 🤭









We have an online meet & greet tomorrow~!




I’m going to wear a certain outfit~ 🤭




It’s an outfit that’s going to be matching? Pairing? With someone from 3rd gen, so look forward to it!!



For the people who won’t be able to come tomorrow, look forward to my blog update~ ☺️









I’m going to sleep to prepare for tomorrow!




You know, recently, my mother sent me new pajamas~


I love it~!


It’s been cold lately, so it keeps me warm while I sleep 😴




Everyone should go to sleep soon as well~






Good night





See you 👋👋

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