Today is! (2023.11.03)




Good morning ☀

Yuuzu is super energetic early in the morning.


Today is the meet & greet day!

I’ve been really looking forward to it.


I’ll be in your care 🩷








Thank you for applying to the 7th single meet & greet.

I feel really happy that you wanted to use your precious time to talk with me.

The reason why I love meet & greets so much that I’m super excited this morning is thanks to all of you who always support me.

Thank you very much.



I want you to think that talking with Yuuzu is funー ♩!

I’m bursting with excitement now(╹◡╹)♪





I wonder what kind of Yuuzu will be waiting for you today!


Well then, see you later 🐦





[T/N: The writing says “Thank you for always supporting me”]





May your heart be bright today as well 🌻

See you


From Yuuzu

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