It’s Airi’s 46th blog~~ 🌸🐉🌸 (2024.01.11)





Thank you for opening my blog





I’m Sakurazaka46 third generation’s 18 year old
Taniguchi Airi from Yamaguchi 🐡









I would like to offer my sincere condolences
To everyone affected by the Noto Peninsula earthquake

I think that the aftershocks are still continuing to occur, so please put your livelihood first

I am praying for the earliest possible recovery
And for everyone’s health and safety.










It’s the 46th blog from Airi, who was happy because the kimono she wore for the UNI’S ON AIR photoshoot is blue, coincidentally the same color as the kimono she wore for Shichi-Go-San~~






It’s such a happy thing that my first blog of the year is the 46th~~~ ☺️







ーーー Happy New Year 🐉 ーーー




Happy new year!



I’ll be in your care as well in 2024!





For me, 2023 was a year when everything felt new and exciting.




I was able to meet my wonderful genmates as a third generation member, and I was also able to see various sides of the cool first and second generation seniors who I look up to from a place closer than ever before.





I’d like to do my utmost best to deliver wonderful sceneries to Buddies so that your excitement will never stop!




Looking forward to your support this year too 🐉🐲






ーーー National Arena Tour ーーー



Sakurazaka46’s National Arena Tour will start from March 2nd (Saturday)!!!!




Yaーy 👏👏





Here are the

Schedule・Venue ↓↓↓


[Fukuoka] Marine Messe Fukuoka
March 2nd (Sat)
March 3rd (Sun)



[Osaka] Osaka-Jo Hall
March 12th (Tue)
March 13th (Wed)



[Aichi] Nippon Gaishi Hall
March 19th (Tue)
March 20th (Wed・Public Holiday)



[Kanagawa] Pia Arena MM
March 26th (Tue)
March 27th (Wed)



The first round of applications for fanclub members has now started!




Don’t forget!







That’s all for today~




The real meet & greet is coming soon, right~!!!


I’m looking forward to it 😊



What kind of clothes will I wear~???



Look forward to it!






See you 👋👋

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