1 (2024.01.10)

I’d like to express my deepest condolences to those affected by the Noto Peninsula earthquake.



I sincerely hope that everyone’s life will be restored to normalcy as soon as possible.







There are many heart-wrenching news, which makes me feel worried about all of you.


I’d like to be a person who can bring even a little energy and smile to people in times of anxiety.



I will continue to communicate in my own way through my blog and mobame app, so please wait for it.













Well then everyone


I wish you a happy new year.







Thank you very much for opening my blog.





I ‘ m   M u k a i   I t o h a


1 7   y e a r s   o l d,   2 n d   y e a r    h i g h    s c h o o l e r    f r o m   H i r o s h i ma








Please take care of me in 2024 as well ✨️




I wonder what kind of year it will be?


It’s exciting, isn’t it!!




I wore a pink one! ♡

















my reveal video was released exactly one year ago






Last year, it happened to be a day off from school, which made it into a day where I somewhat feel relieved…




I pretended like I wasn’t nervous at all, and I thought, “Huh? I might be okay?”, but that was not the case at all



I woke up earlier than usual and did a lot of solo activities on my own…



but the truth is that I was truly, very anxious,


I couldn’t vent it to someone or someplace, and I was so scared that my heart was squeezed tight






But right now I’m having so much fun that I’ve forgotten I felt that way before.






I’m able to feel that way thanks to the 3rd gen members, the seniors, managers, and all of you Buddies.




Thank you very much.







I’m feeling embarrassed about writing other personal things, so I’ll send more to mobame ^,,._.,,^





Fufun ♩♩






Look back Diary









Panel exhibition…!

It made me so happy ^,,._.,,^


I was the culprit who drew cat ears and tail on Yu













I was happy that we could hang out together not just in work, but in our private time as well






Photo sent by my older sister

I’m so happy that my family cheers for me too







When I met my Mama after a long while




Let’s take even more pictures.





Well then, that’s all for today


I’d like to continue to give it my best from now on.






Tomorrow is Riko-chan’s


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