2024/1/9 (2024.01.09)

To everyone affected by the Noto Peninsula earthquake


I would like to express my sincere condolences to all the victims.


I pray for the earliest possible recovery and for everyone’s safety and health.






It’s Odakura Reina.






I wish you a happy new year.


Everything was exciting for me in 2023, making it into a year that passed shockingly quickly.


New encounters, new meetings, new emotions

I think it has been a year of change for me both as an idol and as a person as I come in touch with different things.


I am full of gratitude toward the Buddies who are always supporting me.

Thank you very much!



May 2024 be another wonderful year


I’d like to take on new challenges and do my best to deliver lots of happiness to you!


I look forward to your continued support again this year.



I wore a kimono for Uni’s On Air’s photoshoot~









And on this day, 9th January, last year

was my reveal date!



Before meeting all of you,

As I spent time facing my own immature mind and supporting one another in 3rd generation, I was touched by the warmth of people, which made me think about many things.


Still, I was feeling incredibly anxious on the day and spent the rest of the day trying not to think about anything out of fear.



Amidst all that, I vividly remember how happy I was to be greeted so warmly by all of you Buddies

Thank you very much.


Now, I feel that I can overcome both happy and difficult times

with a smile on my face as all of you who support me are with me.


I will continue to work hard to make progress in my second year

without forgetting my beginner spirit, gratitude, and humility.



Please continue to support me in my second year as well!





Let’s look back on the past year a little


Before entering the group, I went to buy goods with Riko


Today is Riko’s birthday 🎂@

Congratulations on turning 18 years old~ ♡


Mt. Fuji from training camp time🗻


Training camp


BAN’s presentation


Seijaku no Boryoku










I hope to be the brightest star in your heart 💫

This was Odakura Reina!





May this year be a wonderful one.


See ya!

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