Good evening (2024.01.16)

I would like to express my deepest condolences to everyone affected by the Noto Peninsula earthquakes

I sincerely pray for the safety of all those affected and so that everyone can return to a peaceful life as soon as possible








It’s been a long time since I last posted a blog
I’ll be in your care in   2024  as well
Let’s laugh a lot together


We are really close to each other
The waiting room is overflowing with laughter










7th Single Real Meet & Greet
The one held in Kyoto is done


I met many smiling faces,
It was really fun
I’ll send more flower pictures in mobame
They’re so cute, so I want everyone to see it

The next one will be held in Makuhari!









I like being called Miu-san,
Or Murayama-san

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