The place where flowers bloom (2024.01.17)



Good evening. It’s Yuuzu.


Thank you for the Real Meet & Greet the other day 🌻

I laughed a lot~ it was a happy day.

There were a lot of people who came for the first timeー, I’m really glad!

It made me realize that people got to know me from various places, and that made me want to do my best from now on!

For the people who always come to see me, I’m glad I could meet you all too 🙂 Hehe

Thank you as always, everyone.




Because I wore a white and fluffy top that day, I had a fluffy-looking hairstyle as well!

The three sisters [T/N: Their group name during Omotenashikai]   I just realized now, but we all wore white and fluffy clothes, we really match each other huh

Onuma-san who really suits the princess-like hairstyle ♡ I ended up calling out to her too on that day 👸

I’m currently into calling Itomame-san with just “Mame”

We had matching hairstyles, so cute right~

Feels like it’s been a long time since I took a proper photo with Miu




That’s all for the photos I took that day.




Thank you for the wonderful flowers. Your feelings were conveyed to me 🐦







Also, it was announced on the venue that day that
We will be releasing our 8th single, “Ikutsu no Koro ni Modoritai no ka?”!


In accordance with the release,


🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Meet & Greets will be held 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


Here is the schedule for the Online Meet & Greet

2024/2/25 (Sun)
2024/3/10 (Sun)
2024/3/17 (Sun)
2024/3/23 (Sat)
2024/3/24 (Sun)
2024/4/20 (Sat)


The first round of applications will start from
  Today, January 17th at 14:00 ~ Tomorrow, January 18th at 14:00!



Please come to Yuuzu’s meet & greet, which is famous for being too fun

Smiley Yuuzu will be waiting ^_^






Another Real Meet & Greet will be held at Makuhari this weekend!
I’m looking forward to it~

If you’re coming, please be safe on your way ⛄




It’s been cold recently, so please keep warm when you sleep


Wishing you good things 🌻


See you, good night



From Yuuzu

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