It’s not that I like Jamaica Beer (2024.02.04)

Thank you very much for opening my blog.



It’s Sakurazaka46’s 2nd generation member Endo Hikari.






Thank you very much to everyone who came, who watched through streaming “Kobayashi Yui Graduation Concert” that was held on 31st January, and 1st February.






At this concert, we performed “Jamaica Beer” as the first song of both days, which became the last time it was performed with its original member.


It’s a unit song that has special meaning to me.


I loved the comfortable time that happened when the three of us practiced dancing together, where it always felt as if we were having a conversation through our vibes and the way we perceive sounds rather than exchanging words.






During the time of rehearsal to the actual show, I talked a lot with both Yui-san and Karin-chan.

There were many things that I felt, and the song became one that I wanted to cherish even more.


It makes me happier than anything to know that both of them thought of it in the same special way as I do.






On the day of the show, after the Overture, I could hear the intro of Jamaica Beer and the cheering of the Buddies when I went on the stage.



My heart was filled with joy at the thought of being able to perform such a beloved song.






I made up my mind to end this concert with a smile… but around halfway through the show, when I heard Yui-san’s feelings for the 2nd generation members from the backstage monitor and saw her solo performance, the emotions I had been suppressing suddenly overflowed to the point that I cried a lot during the encore 🥲


I am truly happy to have been able to spend a fulfilling time together with Yui-san.






It was also a concert that made me feel that we have to properly show our steadiness as more people who have guided us all these years are graduating.


Last year, I promised the Buddies that “I will return in a perfect condition”. I’d be happy if you could see it in my future activities.



Once again, Yui-san, congratulations on your graduation.


I hope that Yui-san’s future path will be filled with happiness ☺️✨




I love you






Thank you very much for reading my blog today as well.


I’d be happy if you could read my next one as well.


Well then~




Hikari 🦋

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