It’s the fifth Airi blog~~ 🥚🍚 (2023.04.24)

Thank you for opening my blog!


I’m Sakurazaka46 3rd generation’s Taniguchi Airi from Yamaguchi 🐡
currently 18 years old.


It’s Airi’s fifth blog~~ are you getting tired of it?? Is it okay??

I want to put a witty title, but it’s hard to come up with any, so I haven’t changed my blog title~ 🤔


It’s Monday, huh~~

Good work on your job and school today!

There must be some of you who’s still getting used to a new environment, so let’s get over it little by little~ 💪

Relax your shoulders properly~

Take a nice bath and have a good sleep!
You’ll be able to have a deep sleep if you imagine yourself sinking onto your bed or futon~


I received the baton from Nagi (Kojima Nagisa)~

There’s a rumor that says after you decide on a destination, you can get there with just your senses without using a map, so let’s try doing that next time 👍


I finished assembling the drawer I talked about in my last blog~ 👏👏

After I wrote my blog, I assembled it while thinking “I gotta do this!”~


I like this photo because it’s so cool~~


---First tour!---

Sakurazaka46’s “3rd TOUR 2023” has begun!


Thank you very much to everyone who came to watch! 🙇‍♀️


The seniors’ performance was so amazing, so during the rehearsals and during the concert the third gens in the back was being like

Whoa-! Cute!! Cool!! Kya-!!


I couldn’t help grinning because this part of that particular song was so good I really liked it ( ˶ ᷇ 𖥦 ᷆ ˵ )

It made me think that
I have to work hard to grow even more 🙇‍♀️



Once again, thank you for celebrating my birthday at the Tokyo show~!

The cake was delicious~ 😋

By the way, shortcakes, chocolate cakes, cheesecakes, fruit cakes, etc., for the most part I can eat them all.

I have never eaten a mont blanc before, so I was thinking that I should try it sometime.


During the Tokyo show, almost all of the 3rd gens got into eating rice with raw egg~ 🥚🍚

Just like what Miu (Murayama Miu) wrote in her blog, sesame oil, and plum sauce is the best combination 👍


Me on the April 12th Tokyo show
📸 Miu (Murayama Miu)


During the Aichi show, I got to eat the Kerotozzo that I’ve always wanted to eat!
It was so tasty, so happy ♡

I also ate chicken wings and tenmusu~

I also want to eat some hitsumabushi someday.


Also, thank you for the congratulatory flowers!

I was realllly happy that the flowers were arranged according to my penlight color and in cute and cool ways 𑁍

I saved all of the pics properly on my phone 🙏🙏

It made me remember back when I was in my hometown, we used to go to the flower shop to celebrate some milestones

Flowers smell good, don’t they~


I was really happy that I got more opportunities to talk with the seniors through the rehearsals and live performances.

I got to talk with them while thinking “they look amazing!!” every time 🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️

Before the Aichi show, Takemoto-san hugged me,,, Kya-!!

I called her “itchy” during our second meeting so she might’ve thought “what’s with this kid”, but she talked to me with a big smile,, ʚ̴̶̷᷄_ʚ̴̷̷᷅
[T/N: Soko Magattara, Sakurazaka? Ep. 123]

Masumoto-san is really easy to talk to, so I’m always helped by her. I get sucked in when I look at her puppy eyes 👀

When I asked Morita-san to take a photo together with me, I walked weirdly but she didn’t get weirded out 🙇‍♀️
By the way, I haven’t asked about calling her with “Hikaru-san”,, so I will do my best until my next blog! 💪


ーーーBUBKA June Editionーーー


The third gens is featured on BUBKA June edition’s cover and front page, which goes on sale on Friday, April 28th!

We had a lot of fun during the shooting!
The pillow fight was fun~~
Because we did it with a lot of people, my eyes were busy lol

We did solo interviews too, please check it out!



This is a behind the scenes story from the second day of the Aichi show. Seems like Rika (Ishimori Rika) had black coffee, and then Rii (Endo Riko) said

Riko: So Rika can drink coffee~? Amazi~ng
Rika: Hehe~ Riko can’t drink it, right 😏

I laughed at the coffee-drinking bragging lol


ーーーAbout the Third Gen Membersーーー

◉ Rii (Endo Riko)

Actually, we haven’t talked a lot until the training camp started!! My first impression of her was that she looks cool, I didn’t expect her to be so friendly 👶

She’s so much of a hard worker that I always get motivated to work harder every time I look at her.

She is a tsundere who expresses the right amount of tsun and dere behavior ♡

We’re the same age, but she’s so cutesy cute that we don’t seem the same age.

But, her dignified expression that sometimes appears makes you think “Maybe that’s the expression of someone who is having their first love!!”, or not? Lol

I’m totally on team Riko 🫡
[T/N: Soko Magattara, Sakurazaka? Ep. 122]


◉ Nagi (Kojima Nagisa)

Nagi is full of emotions, so it’s fun to look at her.
She’s alwaaaaays talking.

Everyone might’ve seen glimpses of it from Nagi’s blog, but she can really talk that much in one breath.

But, whenever I consult her about something, she always takes it seriously and respects my opinions.
When she flashes me with her big smile, my worries also fly away somewhere.

Actually, we were in the same room during the final evaluation for the audition, and from then I had the impression that she was a bright and shining kid.

She walks so quickly that last time I almost got left behind by her and Yuzu 🥲🥲

She walks, eats, and decides on outfits quickly 👏


◉ Yuzu (Nakashima Yuzuki)

My first impression of Yuzu was “a kind big sister” but now it’s more like “a clingy 5 year old kid”.

Her way of calling me is a little different when she’s in big sis mode and 5 year old kid mode!

When she’s in big sis mode, it’s “Hey hey, Airi-”
When she’s in her 5 year old kid mode, it’s “Airita–n”.

Actually, during the final evaluation, we sat next to each other!

When I looked beside me, I was surprised that her side profile was so pretty I thought to just go home instead.

Among the third gens, recently she’s the one in charge of being teased. Lol

When faced with a camera, her pose is naturally so lame. I like that part of her too ♡

But, she’s a reliable person who brings everyone together during performances and practice sessions.




The high school third years group of third gen!!

Our personalities are totally different~~




That’s all for today!!

I was conflicted because there were so many things I wanted to write that this ended up being so long, it might’ve been hard to read,,, 💦

My list of things I want to write in my blog is growing,,,



I want to do a QnA corner just like Rika (Ishimori Rika) and Shii (Yamashita Shizuki)!!

Also, please tell me what kind of hairstyles that you’d like me to try~!
But since I’m clumsy, I don’t know if it’d turn out well,,

You can tell me in the fan letters you write to me ☺️


Tomorrow is Yuzu’s turn!!

The other day, she was happy because I made a second balloon dog for her 🐶

Look forward to Yuzu’s blog~


See you again!! 👋

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