The Reason Why I Was Crying (2023.04.23)

KonNagi~! Kojima Nagisa here!



Today I have lots of things to talk about! Please keep up with me ☺︎




First, about online meet & greet!
And also the sign event!



Thank you for those who came!
Through the 5th single, I was able to yet again make enjoyable memories with you all (⑉• •⑉)❤︎



My first experience with meet & greet was on February 25th, and since then 2 months have passed…


I just realized this today because you all told me about it, but 100 days have passed ever since our introduction!



How surprising!!!! It’s scary how fast the time flies! lol
I’m beginning to feel nostalgic about it lolol




I wonder what’ll happen later after 200 days have passed~💭💭
Then when I think about it, July 25th will be Reina’s birthday🎂




Is this another ReiNyagi moment??🐈‍⬛




Thinking how someone will grow older by another year in just in 200 days really shows how fast the time flies.



I wonder when will I be able to meet you again~?
I’m looking forward to it (≧∀≦)






🌷Sakurazaka46 3rd Tour 2023🌷

I know you all are curious about what happened during the tour…

So, I’ll write some things about it~



First, thank you for coming to the concert on the 2nd day in Tokyo, April 13th!




I was so happy that day.


First of all,


I’ve managed to take a picture with Tamura Hono-san for the first time 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯




Now instead of calling her “Tamura-san”, I am calling her “Hono-san”…🧸



She said, “I won’t respond to you if you don’t call me Hono-san~”



Isn’t that very cute of her?? 




After that, Uemura-san (who’s always there beside me, caring like a mother more than a sister, and an angel who is always being comforting), Kousaka-san (She’s so cute that I wonder if the word “TekuTeku” is always following her [TekuTeku is a word expressing a slow and relaxed movement]. If I’m staring at her, she’ll come close to me with a smile on her face. What a nice person.), Saito-san (We met by chance at a washroom, and ever since that we’ve begun to talk more! lol. It happened due to quite a weird reason, but she’s always smiling when listening to my non-substansial stories. Please take a picture with me next time 😭), Ten-sama (She’s just like a cool, beautiful, and cute elder sister who makes you want to always be with her… when we talk, we’ll just naturally cling to each other), Morita-san (Actually there are things that we both like and she would often talk about it… Back then, when I was sitting on a chair, Morita-san came behind me, pounding my shoulders with both her hands, and kept on calling me “KonNagi-chan…”. Err, do you get the situation that I tried to describe? Isn’t it really cute!???), also came and we took a picture together!



I’m glad that through this tour I could get closer with my seniors ☺️




Also, just like written in the blog title, my eyes were teary and my nose was a bit red in that picture.


I was also asked during meet & greet, like “Why were you crying?”,,





Actually, right before that moment, I got the chance to meet my oshimen from Hinatazaka46, Kato Shiho-san, for the first time,,, (she also went to see the concert!)



Having the person who I always registered as my oshimen appearing right in front of me made my cry out of nervousness 🥲



Also, I was able to see the interaction between Kato-san and Hono-san by my own eyes.

Oshi x Oshi = Completely overwhelmed ❤︎



Moreover, even though I’m sure that she must be busy with things, she invited me to talk and we managed to talk for quite a bit. I’m also really happy that she called me KonNagi-chan 😭🧸




That is the reason why I cried!
Getting a lot of oshi related stuff at once made my tear glands go wild.



OK, I need to pull myself together. Next up, Aichi!! Myaa~


The dialect there is cute, I ended up using it myself.



Above anything else, the foods were so delicious, it was awesome! 🍔
Strawberry milk, grapes, beef kalbi, Aichi beef burger, Tonteki, chicken wings, etc.,,,



Aichi beef burger was so delicious.
Although I felt like I already ate too much, seeing the high-school freshmen gang Mio (Matono Mio) and Itoha (Mukai Itoha) enjoyingly eating those made me ended up eating it as well.
I wanna eat it again some other time.



The 3rd-gen members have good appetites, so having lots of foods will make us feel alive.


📸 One snap I took before the concert



I was excited after getting fan-service from Shizuki (Yamashita Shizuki) in the waiting room.

But I won’t tell you what she did.

That girl is actually really azatoi 🤭




🌷About “Nagi”🌷

Inoue Nagi-san came to talk to me!
Thank you very much!



“Nagi from Nogi, and Nagi from Sakurazaka”


Actually, it was a staff member who brought that up, instead of ourselves! lol  That surprised me!


I talked a little bit with her, but I was too nervous that I almost didn’t remember anything about it 💦. It was a joyous moment.

Nagi-san! (she said “just Nagi is OK”), thank you for back then!






🌷KonNagi Challenge🌷
And with this, the KonNagi Challenge has begun!



I spoke about this during MC in Yoyogi 2nd day, that before the end of the tour, I want the seniors to call me KonNagi! That’s about it. It was just my desire to put the word “Challenge” into it.



But during that MC, everyone was already calling me KonNagi, so it was already successful,,, lolol



At the moment, I think Ten-sama, Morita-san, Matsuda-san, Ozono-san, Saito-san, Koike-san, Uemura-san, Takemoto-san, and Seki-san are already calling me that! Maybe there are some others too! lol



I’ll be more assertive to talk with the seniors so that the challenge is successful within the tour period!




From now on, I have some happy news💐


📚BUBKA magazine
The 3rd gens will be featured in the cover of BUBKA, June edition! Thank you very much.

We had the photoshoot in a really beautiful place, so by all means please kindly get one.

It will be published in April 28th (Fri)



📚MORE magazine
I wrote about it in my previous blog, but,,

I will be featured in MORE June edition that’ll be published in April 27th (Thu)!
Please check this out too 💭



I’ll post some off-shots from those two in my upcoming blog👀



📚Up-to-Boy magazine
It’s kind of early, but I will be featured in. Up-to-Boy vol. 327 that’ll be released on May 23d (Tue)! Thank you very much.



I was wearing a school uniform, climbing a tree, Sakura,… It was really fun!



Looks like there’ll be a postcard of me included!!
Look forward to it🌸







Due to school activities, I needed to be absent from the tour in Aichi on the 2nd day.



I believe those who were coming to the concert had their own thoughts about it.

“I can only go at this day. This is my first time coming to a concert ever. This’ll be my last time going to a concert”, etc.



I believe there were people with those thoughts in mind on April 20th, and I’m really sorry about it.




However, putting those feelings of mine on top of it, the other 3rd-gen members were shouting “KonNagi” very loudly that it echoed in Aichi.


Also, Reina (Odakura Reina), Mio (Matono Mio), and Shii (Yamashita Shizuki) were holding my towels!
Also it looks like Riko (Endo Riko) was holding my pin, and Yuu (Murai Yuu) was holding my phone strap too!




Also, before the concert starts, I received a video of everyone practicing the “KonNagi”. I saved it since it was so cute.

How Yuuzu was making fun of it even for a bit didn’t slip through my eyes. Well, but that also shows her love for me




It’s getting all over the place, but I’ll be taking the baton that everyone has rallied on, and next time with the KonNagi power that I’ve reserved when I was absent, I will be conquering the tour in Fukuoka. I’ll continue to be in your care



Although I still want to write something more, it’s already getting too long, so I’ll end it here!




Next one is Airi (Taniguchi Airi) ❤︎
I teased her too much in my last blog, and it fired back at me. I am also having no sense of direction just like Airi. Recently, I’ve been thinking if I should just go in completely opposite way with what I had in mind, and by doing so I will be reaching my destination…


To Airi,
Let’s try that next time
From me


That said, I wonder what pair me and Airi is ..!?
Those who have good naming sense, please give us something! lolol



🌷ReiNyagi (with Odakura Reina)

🌷MioNyagi (with Matono Mio)

🌷ShimaShima Combi (with Nakashima Yuzuki lol)

I guess everyone already knows about these three?
I will consider some of your ideas too 🎶Bye bye!


📸Itoha attached these ears😽


📸Together with Miu during Tokyo concert✌️


Recently, we went to eat pancake together 🥞
Two days ago we watched a movie together at my place.
We’re good friends ❤︎

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