Cheeks made in Fukuoka (2023.04.25)

Long time no see!

I’m Sakurazaka46 third generation’s Nakashima Yuzuki.


I’m continuing from Airi-tan.

I went for a walk with Airi-tan the other day.

When we take group photos with the third gens, she always presses her head up against my cheek.




Everyone, have you been doing wellー?


I’m doing well ☺️




This is late, but,

Thank you to everyone who came to the 5th single meet & greet!

It was fun.


There were times when I looked back at the things everyone said, and there were also times when I remembered everyone’s smiles and felt energized.


There were people who came even though they aren’t good at talking, and there were also people who came even though they are busy with school, work, and housework.


Once again, I would like to express my gratitude.

Thank you for coming to talk to me.


Now I will do my best to be a source of energy for your everyday life.


Please stay healthy until we can talk again! 🀍








I decided to upload this photo as the first two-shot in my blog even before the blog relay started!



Shizuki and Yuzuki


When I said “So we’re the ZukiZuki combi β™ͺ” to Shii,


She said,

“Eh,, that’s not cute,,

We’re the Otsuki-sama combi β™‘”.
[T/N: Otsuki-sama: a poetic way to say “the moon”, both names have the moon (月) kanji]




She was very sweet to me during our trainee period,, but lately she won’t let me spoil her at all 😿


Well, even with that, she’s still cute








Thank you for the Sakurazaka46 3rd TOUR 2023 Aichi shows on April 19th and 20th!

Did you have fun?

I was so happy to be able to meet everyone ☺️


The Fukuoka shows will be this weekend.

I tried looking at the weather prediction, and currently Saturday is marked with an umbrella sign.

Let’s hope for clear skies so that everyone can come to the venue comfortably ⛅️


I thought hard on what things to recommend about my hometown Fukuoka.


The places I went to in my vlog, Dazaifu shrine and Mt. Tenpaizan, might be best suited for sunny days.

If you get the chance to go, don’t forget to bring an umbrella πŸŒ‚

There are a lot of recommended foods, such as ramen, motsu nabe, udon, mentai, yakitori, mizutaki,,

I really like the torimeshi from Fukuoka udon shops.

Also, a Fukuoka food I’m recently hooked on is mucchan manju.

There are a lot of good bakeries in Fukuoka too, so I’m also recommending them ☺️

On sunny days, it’s nice to eat bread and relax in Ohori Park β™ͺ



By the way, the Fukuoka Monument is located in Nakasu.
It’s close to the Fukuhaku Deai Bridge which appeared in Mio’s vlog.


That’s all of my Fukuoka recommendations.
Please eat a lot of tasty foods in Fukuoka and get your cheeks to be chubby like me ☺️





Also, for the Fukuoka show, I’d like to imprint Seki-san’s appearance to my memory.



I’m really happy because she’s always so friendly to me. I’m always laughing when I talk to her.

I was so happy that she would laugh at my jokes, so I ended up always messing around with her.

I love her kind smile.






Today’s blog is coming to an end.




I’ve been spending my days wearing this sunny side up parka I received from Kira-san lately. Hehe

I also styled my hair a little 🐦





Tomorrow’s 3rd gen blog is Mio’s

Mio always says “Yuttan, good morning” to me with a cute smile.

Mio often tells me, “I always tell Yuttan that I like you! But you never say it back,”.


Of course I like Mio too





Well then,


Please stay healthy until my next blog ☺️


I’m hoping for the best for everyone 🌻



From Yuzu


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