It’s the tenth blog~~🌸 🤫 (2023.06.18)




Thank you for opening my blog!




I’m Sakurazaka46’s 3rd generation’s Taniguchi Airi
from Yamaguchi🐡and currently 18 years old.




It’s the tenth blog from Airi, who doesn’t make progress in the cleaning she does in the daytime, then suddenly starts cleaning in the middle of the night and makes an unbelievable amount of progress, but ends up staying up really late~~


Happy tenth blog~~



Everyone, it’s been a while!



I received the baton from Nagi (Kojima Nagisa) !



As it has been written in Nagi’s blog, I have been into Blue Lock recently !


So far I have only watched the anime but I am currently thinking I want to buy the manga as well~



Also, I am watching Attack on Titan which Reina (Odakura Reina) recommended to me!

I am on the 68th episode 


It will probably take me some more time to watch the whole show~~🤔



Recently there are so many anime I want to watch that I’m troubled~💦💦💦





—Seijaku no Bouryoku–



The other day, the MV for the 3ki song “Seijaku no Bouryoku” was released !



Have you guys watched it?



It came out as a great song with great visuals!




In order to familiarize myself with the feeling of loneliness I would listen to music in my room with the lights off and before I noticed I would start tearing up. 


I do not handle silence or loneliness very well.



Therefore, everyone better stay by my side !

I would like to become a person who is close to you all too.



📸Miu (Murayama Miu)


The one who is wearing the white clothes at minute 3:42 is me!

Personally, the light that comes from above, feels like the light of hope to me

I would appreciate it if you guys shared your thoughts and opinions!




From here, some behind the scenes stuff




Before dancing, I went to a greenhouse that was like a sauna with everyone~!

With each time that we did it, the heat wave master Itoha (Mukai Itoha) got better and better at handling the towels and adjusting the water. It made me laugh🤭


At 1:49, in the place where I pushed the desk, I stood up from the chair and began freestyle dancing !
I spilled so much tea that I ended up slipping on it at one point. lol

It made me laugh because I was sitting like Toy Story’s Woody when Andy came into the room.


Also, the photos from 2:17 were pictures we took from each other’s film cameras!

By the way, the ninth picture of the tableware was taken by me!
It gave an everyday life feeling that I liked so I took the picture~



I would appreciate it if you guys kept listening!


There are way more off shots so I will give some more next time!




—anan san—


On the 21st of June (Wednesday)’s release of anan No.2352, the 3rd generation will be featured!



The clothes were great,
so let me know what you guys thought~



Please check it out!



—-Cancam san—



On the 22nd of June (Thursday)’s August issue release, Kojima Nagisa, Taniguchi Airi, Nakashima Yuzuki and Murai Yu will be featured!

I am so happy to have made two consecutive appearances! 



The amazing clothes and makeup got me very hyped up~!
You may be able to see a new version of us~🤭



Please check it out~!



—Vivi san—



On the 22nd of June (Thursday)’s Vivi August release, the 3rd generation will be featured! 


Everyone looked so cool and cute~!



Please check it out!







The other day I was hanging out with Nagi (Kojima Nagisa), Miu (Murayama Miu) and Yu (Murai Yu)~! 


We were talking about wanting to name ourselves like a group,



so we are Food is Life.



That became our name! lol


That is how much the four of us love tasty food.
I am also confident that I make food look delicious when I eat.



Yu in particular is so good at that that it’s funny.

When she was eating this tasty shaved ice she said,


“All my cells feel full of energy”


That was genius. It was so funny it made me laugh🤭🤭🤭









I tried doing braids~~! 

How does it look~~?


I’m not very good with my hands, but braids are the one thing I’m good at! 



ーーー SHOWROOM ーーー



The 3rd generation’s Showroom relay live stream has started~!


I wonder when it’ll be my turn~~🤔🤔🤔


I am so excited for everyone’s live stream…


I felt healed by Rika (Ishimori Rika)’s first one. I was like wa~~~🤭






Recently the sunlight is getting stronger and it’s getting hotter out~

A while ago I heard the rainy season was about to come, so I’m surprised how sunny it’s been.



I like listening to King Gnu’s “Ame sansan” during rainy days.
I also listen to it when it’s sunny 

I guess in the end, it’s a song I like listening to any time


I have always listened to a lot of King Gnu’s songs but apart from Ame sansan I also listen to Sanmon Shosetsu frequently!



Recommend me some songs~!







She formed a heart with me❤︎❤︎❤︎



I fight with Riko (Endo Riko) about who is more mature but I doubt there will ever be a settlement… 


What do you guys think~??





Q&A !!!



Q: What is the movie you watched with Yuzu in the seventh blog~?



Monster Inc !


We both felt healed as we were watching~!!



Q: Is there anything everyone is into within the 3rd generation?



The sentai pose we did as CMs in the 3rd Tour 2023 !


Actually, we thought the clothes used for the 6th single artwork shooting kinda reminded us of sentai. We liked that so we began getting into doing the pose!


I wonder if someone will ever post it in their blog~??



Q: Is there any other Yamaguchi spot you would recommend apart from the ones you have presented in your vlog~?



Tsunoshima Bridge with it’s beautiful sea


Akiyoshidai which has lots of greenery


Akiyoshido with a wonderful limestone cave


                                                      I think that would be about it~?



There are a lot of tasty foods like puffer fish, kawara soba, and uiro so I invite you all to give Yamaguchi a visit~!
[t/n: Kawara Soba is a dish of green tea soba noodles and meat/vegetables, notable for being cooked & served on a certain type of curved roof tile that is specific to Yamaguchi. Uiro is a dessert similar to mochi]





This time I will leave it here !!


It’s so fun every time I write for my blog, that I never know how much I should write.. lol


Wait for me until the next time~!!!

Maybe I should mainly focus on the off shots~ 


There are so many pictures I want to post that I always ask the members like

“This one or this one? Which one do you think is better?”




Tomorrow will be Yuzu! 🌙


I’ve picked up Yuzu’s soft tone of speaking, so now I speak to other members in a Yuzu tone


What should I do~~


[t/n: not like the english word pun, just a sound lol]




See you later👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻

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