Jumbled up short stories   Murayama Miu (2023.08.06)



Good morning
Good evening
It’s Murayama Miu









On holidays,
I generally spent the time sitting on the floor while spacing out

Sitting down like in physical education class 



That was my small report









Have you done anything summer-like?
I’m looking for something fun to enjoy the summer little by little

Come to think of it, I’m wearing long sleeves even in summer
When should I make my short sleeves debut?









I have 4 recent happy stories




The time I spent choosing the flavors I like in the chocolate shop was a happy time, I love chocolate
I’m nourishing myself with chocolate





I bought tomato bread from a bakery for the first time in a while
It’s similar to the bread my mother often bought when I was in elementary and middle school





During the festival, I watched the seniors’ performance from the backstage
It was so beautiful that it was like a mirage and I’m constantly replaying it in my head





I also played with fireworks
It felt like a dream because there weren’t many people and the atmosphere was warm









I’ll write again when I have more happy stories













Have you listened to Anthem time?
We performed it for the first time in the mini live



The song doesn’t have a music video, so I’ll talk about the choreo practice and such





Everyone seemed to have fun during practice
Even when we were learning the choreo, we were really excited
The atmosphere was really 3rd gen-like



We held hands, high-fived each other, looked into each other’s eyes, the choreo was full of a sense of unity so I can’t help but smile



Maimai-san, who created the choreo, said that she’s looking forward to how the 3rd gens will perform this song in a few years

You can say that about every song,
But I hope that you’d enjoy the performance that we can only give now in the present



I’m longing for the day when we can perform Anthem time in front of everyone









Thank you very much for the meet & greet yesterday and today

I parted my hair in the middle and did other hairstyles for the first time

Tomorrow is the IDOL RUNWAY COLLECTION, isn’t it?
Let’s have fun









Random talk





This is sudden, but,
There were some people who sent letters with furigana written in it
[T/N: Furigana is the small characters written above/beside Kanji characters that denote their reading, usually in hiragana]
And some people wrote really long Kanji phrases that I couldn’t make sense of

What does this mean
You must’ve watched that show, huh
[T/N: Soko Magattara, Sakurazaka? Ep 141]



It’s a little frustrating, so I’ll do my best
I’ll study properly









You know, in the meet & greet
Some people said that their dreams came true, or that they worked hard on their test,
Or that they passed their exams

That made me happy as if that happened to me myself, so I’ll be waiting for your reports of everything, from the little things to the big ones


Thank you very much for all the happy reports, I’m relieved
I’ll also work hard so I can report good things back at you, let’s do our best together







My friend











I received a letter from Shizuki on the train to Tokyo during our trainee period, I’ve kept it in my wallet ever since
When the time comes, I’d like to write a letter to her too
Tomorrow is Shizuki’s blog
Look forward to it









See you

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