A Summer without a book report. Yamashita Shizuki (2023.08.07)





I’m 18 years old Yamashita Shizuki
from Kyoto






It’s been a while






Thank you very much for meet & greet
There were people who said, “Today seems to be the last of individual meet & greet, the next time we’ll meet will be the real meet & greet” and there were also people who said, “I won’t see you again until the next single.” It made me feel lonely

Personally, I feel that my distance with all of you has grown shorter than the last single
I don’t know how it is for you, but I feel that I was able to speak in a more relaxed way…
Yamashita is usually the one being asked questions, which Yamashita is thankful for, but this time she would like to ask a question… It’s “What will make you comfortable? Formal speech or casual speech?”




I thought that it would feel more natural if we speak casually since my Kansai dialect will come out, but then I think about those who visit me for the first time who I suddenly talked so casually with…
So I thought I should take this opportunity to ask and use it starting next time ( ¯꒳​¯ )











A Summer-like senryuu.
[t/n: a poem structured similarly to a haiku]



Thank you
for coming to















Braided twin-tails




I’m trying on different hairstyles right now…
But after doing different styles like this, in the end, I think that the default straight hair might be the one for me
It makes me feel at ease the most, you see
and so if this keeps up, I think I will go with a straight hairstyle a lot, so I’d like to listen to the opinion of people around me and try different hairstyles ☺︎







I barely go outside in Summer.
I want a book on knitting, there is a book that interests me
I have to go to the bookstore…
Shinsekai’s Sakurazuki book cover is really nice, isn’t it?
I’m gonna use it.



Start over!’s goods have been announced too, right~
By all means, please get your hands on it ( ¨̮ )
I’d recommend the picture cards~
And the bath towel~






Did you all go to the firework display and such…?
I plan to wear yukata for next week’s meet & greet, so I will enjoy Summer there…
To be honest, I’d like to wear yukata and eat shaved ice and visit the stalls… But I don’t have the energy for that (›´-`‹ )
Take care of yourself in these hot days and stay well until the next blog, okay?






And so around here, I bring today’s blog to an end. Thank you very much for reading until the end ( ¨̮ )







Tomorrow is Rika’s~
Look forward to it!






Bye by~e











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