I want to deliver “I love Yu” to you! Murai Yu (2023.08.05)


Good evening, everyone.


I’m 18 years old Murai Yu

from Tokyo.




Time flies by and we’ve entered August now

It’s so bright outside, and it cheered up my mood ☺︎

Although the weather is hot enough to make you melt,

how are you doing?

I’m feeling very well!


Yesterday morning, I ate tamago kake gohan.
[t/n: rice with raw egg & soy sauce on top]

The highlight is how I add in soy sauce and sesame oil

Adding Korean seaweed would make it even better



please eat and sleep well,

and stay healthy!


Summer makes you want to eat cold food,

such as hiyashi chuka, udon, soba… etc
[t/n: hiyashi chuka – cold ramen dish with a wide variety of possible toppings]

Let’s get through summer by eating cold food

( ⋅֊⋅ )‎و ᕷ



The new greeting cards have been released

In Shizuki’s greeting card,

she drew Usagi Neko (Rabbit Cat)’s figure from behind

They’re sooooo cute. It made me happy~~ ^ ^

By all means, please give it a look ☺︎


I want to be able to draw such cute drawings too


I’d like to create my own mascot

I’m going to practice drawing and come up with some ideas…!



Yesterday’s blog was Itoha’s.

After the lesson the other day,

my face and Itoha’s became as red as an apple,

we looked at each other and laughed lol lol

And then she said,

“Yu, why are you so funny?”

it made me somewhat happy lol

I’ll keep it a secret how I can be this funny.




⋱⋰ ⋱⋰ ⋱⋰ ⋱⋰ ⋱⋰


⚪️ About what I’m grateful for


Thank you very much for meet & greet

on 29th, 30th July!

It was a very fun time ☺︎


People said,

“I can do my best because I looked forward to chatting with Yu-chan!”


It makes me very glad and joyful to hear that I can be what gives someone the power to keep going.


I can do my best right now

thanks to all of you who always support me!


I’d like us to continue to have a relationship where we make each other happy

The clothes I wore on this day are so cute, I love it

This bear and baby T-shirt is a favorite of mine ☺︎


There are people who said that they use my picture as their lock screen,

it made me very happy

By all means, please feel free to use the first and second pictures

as your lock screen~! lol




⚪️ About the stage play


I was able to watch the dress rehearsal

for the stage play that Kobayashi Yui-san is starring in

“The Hidden Fortress”


Kobayashi Yui-san stood on the big stage,
and performed with such confidence

She was truly so cool, and I am filled with respect and admiration

I kept looking at her.

I’m glad that I was able to directly tell Kobayashi-san after the performance how cool she was.

The content of the story was really interesting as well.

I hope that you could go and give it a look as well!




⚪️ About Sakumimi


The other day, I appeared on “Sakumimi” vol.281, 282

together with Yuzu and Itoha!

Have you listened to it?

Doing radio with the two of them was so much fun, that we couldn’t stop talking!

I was able to just be myself while we talked

I think you’ll be able to understand a lot about how the three of us are usually like

Please listen to it!




⚪️ QA corner


People often ask me what they should write in their letters,

but anything is fine, including things such as!:


・Self introduction

・Trivial things from daily life

・Movies, drama series, music, and cafe that you recommend

・Questions for me to answer in the blog

・Why did you come to like me lol

It already makes me so happy how you are writing a letter with me in mind



Q1. Where do you want to go the most right now??

A. Okinawa!


Q2. I heard that Yu-chan occasionally makes some time to empty her head, but what kind of things are you thinking about?

A. I truly do not think of anything, I’m not even aware that I’m doing it lol


Q3. Have you ever owned a pet?

A. I used to have goldfish and neon tetra fishes.

I’d love to have a dog one day~


Q4. What kind of meaning is put in the name 優 / Yu?

A. I heard that it’s a wish for me to be a woman with a kind heart*. Apparently, when I was just born, I had a kind and cute-looking face.☺︎
*[T/N: 優 has the meaning of “gentle”]


Q5. If you weren’t in Sakurazaka, what kind of work would you like to do?

A. Disney cast member


Q6. What kind of curry does Yu-chan like?
Beef, chicken, or pork?

A. I like beef!


Q7. Is Yu-chan sensitive to heat? Or cold?

A. I’m sensitive to heat…!


Q8. If you were to go on a solo trip, where would you like to go to?

A. Kyoto!


Q9. What would you like to be when you are reborn?

A. I want to be a bird!

I want to fly in the sky and take a stroll


Q10. What would you like to do this summer? ⭐︎

A. Going to a festival while wearing a yukata and eating a chocolate banana



That’s all for your questions for now!

I answered more than usual 🪄


I am ending it around here for today

Thank you very much for reading!


Tomorrow’s blog is Miu’s

We went shopping for clothes together the other day

Please look forward to it~~



Well then, see ya

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