If I look around Mukai Itoha (2023.08.04)



I’m having some very lonely feelings right now, but since I’ve decided to try my best on my own, I’d like to move forward toward the future



This is all that was written in Itoha’s diary the day she came to Tokyo



Until recently, I’ve been hiding how lonely and anxious I’ve been by ignoring those feelings and forcing myself to laugh as much as I could.
I also wanted to give off the appearance that I’m not sad to those around me
I even told myself “Itoha, everything is totally fine”



But if I look around, I can see the 3rd gens saying that they’re here for each other to listen to whatever we want to talk about and our seniors are also here for us whenever we feel lonely or anxious

“You don’t have to handle this alone”
That’s what I want to tell myself



I’m not very good about relying on others nor can I express myself very well, and I can’t help but feel like I’m being bothersome by asking for help or saying things like I’m lonely, but
people have told me that it doesn’t bother them and they want me to rely on them

I’m working with some truly wonderful people



It makes me happy! I feel so lucky!


Now that I’m 17, I want to be more honest with myself




7 months have passed since the 3rd gens were revealed
so I tried to write just a little bit about the “real” Itoha this time

It’s pretty embarrassing





And since it’s embarrassing let’s just get right to it


Itoha blog, start








I   a m   M u k a i   I t o h a   f r o m   H i r o s h i m a   P r e f e c t u r e ,

I ’ m   1 7   y e a r s   o l d   a n d   i n   m y   2 n d   y e a r   o f   h i g h   s c h o o l .





I’m continuing off from Mio^._.^

A girl who tends to laugh at the same time at the same things as me.
Just being around her makes me laugh lol





Itoha with eyebrows that look like she’s trouble by something even though she isn’t

Speaking of which
When we greeted our seniors for the documentary, I had the same troubled look didn’t I? lol

I was really surprised by it when I watched the video〜Seriously〜




– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –



Thank you for

Meet & Greet on July 29th & 30th!



I lot of people told me “Long time no see!!”



I was dying to see you all again you know〜

That’s why you should do stuff like come meet me in your dreams^._.^



But really thank you so much!

Whether it was our first time meeting, or you’re someone who’s come to see me lots of times and already thinks of me as a close friend,

I’m so glad we got to talk a lot!!




This is a hair style I often had when I was around 3 years old


Btw JUST so you know, this is lockscreen sized lol..






Next will be tomorrow and the day after

I hope you haven’t taken your eyes off Itoha in the past week because I’ll be asking if you have!!!! lol 

Let’s meet again, okay?





– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


I recently went to see

Kobayashi Yui-san’s stage play

“Kakushi Toride no San Akunin” (The Hidden Fortress)


No, like… seriously… it was amazing.

She was so cool….


I can’t really put it into words,

but you should all definitely go and see it!





– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Thank you for


the 6th single mini live!


It’s the first time we’ve performed Anthem Time〜!!!



How’d you like it〜??



Honestly, I was worried and full of anxiety about whether or not it’d turn out ok, but


One of our seniors reached out to me


and said “It’s gonna be totally fine ya know!”
I’ll be rooting for you!



I was in the bath and cried a lot lol


But I was so happy〜


The stream will be archived too so
please enjoy it!



I’m looking forward to being able to perform it in front of you all.



– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Story about the 3rd gens



I had too much I wanted to write about last time and didn’t manage to get through it all…


Matono Mio Edition



Mio is always so funny.

The stuff she says is funny of course, but it’s her actions that are what’s REALLY funny.

She trips in the weirdest places, will laugh super hard to herself, or suddenly start doing impressions of people


The other day, we were supposed to meet at the train station
but Mio didn’t show up for quite a while
Itoha said to her
“I’m going on ahead to the train platform〜”

And then she gets back to me saying “I might make it just in time!” and “I think I made it” but as I’m standing there thinking she’s still nowhere to be found


Apparently she went through the ticket gate at the completely wrong place lol


Itoha was cracking up for the entire train ride because Mio was also laughing a lot in our conversation over text lolol


That funny girl has a naturally airheaded side to her.





But she’s also a girl who’s always telling me “I want to help support Itoha!”

and as for age, we’re both the youngest in the group

but in terms of what month we were each born in, Itoha is the older one


And for that reason, I want to be of even the slightest bit of help to her, and since we’re the same age and have some of the same troubles in life, I’d like to support her too.



I’m glad that when Mio is worn out or having a hard time, she’s able to tell me about it〜


I think it’s okay for us to look weak in front of the other 3rd gens, and I’ve been thinking that that’s the kind of environment I’d like to help create as well



Thank you for everything! I love you!






Next time I’ll talk about Nakashima Yuzuki

Sometimes Yuzu is the mom and sometimes Itoha is the mom
It’s a strange relationship



Look forward to it.




– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Alright! Think I’ll start wrapping things up around here


I tried writing about some things that I normally wouldn’t write about this time^._.^


I’ve come to realize that there are some things you can’t convey without putting them into words, so I hope to talk about my feelings a bit more from now on〜


I’ll be trying my hardest so be sure to watch me, okay?




Oh! Were you all okay during the thunderstorm we had recently??
I was so scared that day that I was living in the hallway!!
That’s the first time I’ve experienced a thunderstorm since coming to Tokyo, so I was more upset that I should have been〜…

So then Yuzu and Nagi texted Itoha asking if she was alright!!

I was so happy〜^,,._.,,^^,,._.,,^

I’ve always disliked thunder, even when I was still in Hiroshima I wouldn’t get in the bath because I didn’t want to hear the sound of it lol


That’s a nostalgic memory for me〜!





Lastly, a photo of when Rika-nee took me out to eat



I told her the day before we went to look forward to it because I’m gonna dress like an adult〜^._.^




I tried putting my hair in a ponytail^._.^^._.^



Rika-nee has been so cool the entire time I’ve known her. She poured me some water when Itoha didn’t have any left, she ordered food for me since I didn’t know anything about the food there, and she even shared some of her food with me!



She was Smooth Rika until the very end!!


hmhm I love her!





Tomorrow’s blog is from Yu!!!
I was feeling hyper late at night the other day and sent her a picture of myself doing an impression of her and she replied saying it was adorable!!
I said “It’s just because it’s Itoha, right??” lol 🎵



Byebye! See you next time!
It’s okay to spoil yourself in life once in a while〜



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