Shinsekai (2023.08.03)




The Sakurazaka46’s exhibition “Shinsekai”

Has started!


Shinsekai (2023.08.03)


There are also original goods
for sale at the exhibition,

There are key rings of the characters
that appear in the COOL MV, 👨🏻‍🚀🪐
these were introduced as some of the favorites during the press conference

They are so cute, right?



There’s really so many other
very nice goods at the exhibition!


The visuals of the members in
the goods available was wonderful as well.




In case there is opportunity,
everyone, please show us which goods you got ☺︎





And also, there’s an extremely cute cafe that
is also attached to the exhibition,

My favorite menu in there is
“Sakurazaka46 Special Sweets Plate” 🌸🍡



Because the amount is quite large,
it seems like a good dessert option
for sharing~~!



For those with a sweet tooth,
there’s the Nobody’s Fault Dance Scene Crepe

For those who like spicy tastes,
there’s the Nagaredama 2-color costume curry,


Those are my recommendations 🥳



I hope you enjoy it~!







Once again,
I’m extremely happy that
we were able to hold
our first exhibition as a group.


Thank you so much!





When I saw the completed exhibition for the first time,
I was honestly so happy.




With all these thoughts in mind,
I realized that perhaps
I haven’t had many opportunities
to look objectively
with my own eyes to all the things
that we have accumulated so far.



Believing in ourselves, believing in those around us,
and in the footprints that show how we have continued running and devoting ourselves.





Thank so much for putting together a magnificent exhibition like this,
surrounded by such amazingly professional and creative people,
with all the staff who faced all kinds of challenges,
and with the Buddies who are so kind, give us so much love and who are always by our side supporting us,
and the ones who are the closest are the members who I love and respect so much,



Feeling proud that
the group I belong to is Sakurazaka46,
I’m happy that I was able to be part of Sakurazaka46,
I really feel so from the bottom of my heart.





Looking at our past
is something that inspired the me of today,
that’s how I feel right now.





Please look forward
to the future of our group as well! 🕊️




I’ve come to love this place,
I will definitely go many times again!




And the Buddies, of course,
It would make me happy if many different people
can enjoy the exhibition 🌸( ◜◡◝ )


We are looking forward
to your visit!








On Thursday August 3rd from 18:25
“Ariyoshi no Sekai Douji Chuukei (Ariyoshi’s world simultaneous relay)”

I will be making an appearance in this show 🌎
I learned so much and it made me smile
It was an interesting and fun recording!! ☺︎

Please take a look by all means~~




After tomorrow, we will hold 2 days of meet & greet sessions.

I’ll be waiting~



Well then, everyone
the hot days have continued,
so please take care of yourselves (´Д` )

I will be careful too



Take care!
Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono

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