Shonin Yokkyu (2023)

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Habu Mizuho | 土生 瑞穂


Ever since she gained her confidence from being selected for the front row of single "Kaze ni Fukaretemo," Habu Mizuho has continued to leave an impression on fans, all the while continuing to grow as an individual. Now she is standing at the forefront of the group, charming people with the combination of her appearance and style that is befitting of a model, as well as her fast reactions and quick thinking that has given birth to many comical moments. She is an exclusive model for "JJ" magazine and a regular model for "CLASSY" magazine. She has walked for the Tokyo Girls Collection fashion show many times. Habu cares deeply for her fellow members, especially her juniors, often treating them with "gentleman-like" behavior.


July 7, 1997




Tokyo Prefecture

Blood Type

Type A

Date of Graduation

November 25, 2023


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