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Kousaka Marino | 幸阪 茉里乃

Marino / Marinon

Kousaka Marino often appears to be the one person to get caught in her fellow member's antics. Whether it is Kira or with Akiho, she usually acts as the voice of reason, or the "straight man" of the trio. She very much fond of Uemura Rina, professing her love for her, which was fortunately reciprocated by the older member. Marino also loves Morita Hikaru, and has been noted to be similar in appearance as her. There is still a lot yet to uncover from this quiet and shy girl, but Marino has revealed that she is gifted with a sharp tounge and is not shy about using it when around her family and close friends. Let us hope that the day where we could see this witty side would come soon!


December 19, 2002




Mie Prefecture

Blood Type

Type O




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