Pakkaaan🎊 (2021.01.13)

*Pakkaaan refers to the sound that the confetti ball makes when it opens



Good evening



Thank you for two days of Meet&Greet!

I could talk to everyone for the first time in a while,
and I’m very glad I could hear about recent things.

When I talk to fans after about two and a half years again, I’m surprised there are many that have changed their environment and appearance.



I’m happy for being able to spend a very enjoyable time~!






And to all the new adults,

* In Japan in January, they celebrate the coming-of-age of all the new 20 year olds of the past year, usually going back to your home town for a coming of age ceremony, wearing Furisode (a type of kimono) and more

Also congratulations to Inorin and Rei-chan☺︎






I properly wore a Furisode〜!🥰

*Furisode is a type of kimono worn by unmarried women, typically worn for the coming-of-age ceremony in Japan


I will have self-awareness as an adult,
and while enjoying myself from now on as well, I want to do my best!




See you~




Harada Aoi blog 2021/01/13 11:12


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