Saku Love It! (2022.03.24)




I’m Moriya Rena🍒
From Sakurazaka46





Thank you very much for watching Love It! yesterday.



I was really happy to be invited even after I graduated from the show.


Thank you very much🐰🌸




It was my first time showing our new uniform on TV!
It’s a very neat white and navy blue outfit☺︎





This time, I was happy for having the opportunity to appear together in the studio with Yodogawa’s Princess Peach Hono-chan for the first time, and being able to sit together as a duo ♡



Hono-chan being there with me made me feel at ease
I enjoyed it even more than usual!!









It’s been a long time, so
I was feeling nervous before it started but
as usual I laughed a lot and had way too much fun!!





After all I love this studio🐰♡





Staff-san and everyone who co-starred with us,
they’re all just wonderful people..














And this time, I also got the opportunity to go on a location shoot✨



In Suehirogarizu-san’s
“Latest Tokyo Information Record” segment



We investigated the latest trending gourmet foods!





The visual impact and cuteness of each of them was outstanding ♡

It was so funnn〜








I was just able to meet Yada-san on location shooting day💗
It was a long awaited reunion☺︎




Hehehe ♡ I got to take a picture with her too ♪





I was very happy to meet her in studio after a long time☺︎








On Hamidashi Love It!
I’ll be appearing with Audrey’s Kasuga-san and Hono-chan, so please watch it.









28th March, 19:00~


Sakurazaka46 will be appearing on
“CDTV Live! Live! 4 Hour Spring Special!”




The 4th single “Samidare yo”
will be shown on TV for the first time☔️



I’m nervous, but please watch it…









Released today, 24th March



[B.L.T.] May Issue
Hono-chan, Karin-chan, Hikaru-chan and myself, the four of us will be the front cover and front pages!✨



I’d be very happy if you got a copy!


I’d like to write a blog about the off-shots next time as well☺︎






This time, the unit song I’m participating in for the first time
“Seifuku no Ningyo” was aired for the first time🧜🏻‍♀️



Have you listened to it?



I’d be very happy if you let me know your thoughts on it☺︎








On 25th March, [Boku no Dilemma] the Music Video will be revealed at 22:00!


I hope you can look forward to it ♪







Thank you very much for reading until the end.


See ya〜





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