Sakurazaka46’s first single, “Nobody’s fault,” introduced a new system in order to make it possible for every member to participate in the group and promotions.

There are three centers in the single, with one of these members becoming the “main center” by centering the title track of the single. The other two members center coupling songs.

There is a new formation system as well. For “Nobody’s fault,” the “Sakura Eight” system was introduced. These eight members stand in the first two rows of the songs, with their positions remaining static (aside from the center position, where the three centers rotate). Meanwhile, the third row members change according to the member centering the song.

Sakura Eight is a system that is similar to Nogizaka46’s Fukujin, essentially the “media selection” members who will be primarily appearing in promotions for the single (such as magazines, radio, TV shows).

First Single

Nobody's Fault