Shiwasu. ☃️ (2020.12.04)

*Shiwasu means December in Japan’s old calendar, written as 師走

Good evening~

It became December. Fast.

The satsuma mandarins are delicious and I end up eating many 🍊
Also, recently I’ve been fiddling some with cosmetics ☺︎

I am featured together with Inoue Rina in Young Gangan No.24 on sale 4 December.

The front cover is Habu and Moriya.
Moriya Rena-chan and Rina-chan are also featured~!

Inorin is amusing,
and recently whenever I find her (being funny), I go to get involved~

The shape of the lips are like a heart~ ((pls see what I mean

There is also a video, so I will send it later on✌︎

And continuing~

On the same day as the Nobody’s fault release date,
I was allowed the front cover of『IDOL AND READ 025』which goes on sale 9 December.


*peeking out

I was interviewed about things from my early life until my current activities as Sakurazaka46,
so please also read my 20,000 character interview☺️

This year there were various things and while there was also frustration time passed by in the blink of an eye, but with the remaining time I want to enjoy myself to my heart’s content.

I have to be careful of catching a cold so the things I can do are limited though..( ; ; )

This is like Inorin’s sexy-shot so everyone please enjoy~



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