Start over! (2023.06.09)



It truly makes me happy
how the MV is being seen by many people.


It will be our 6th single as Sakurazaka.


I couldn’t be happier to hear
how recently, there are more people from many different places
telling me how they like the group



The 3rd TOUR that started in April, too
has safely concluded without any injuries
And I have made it all through to the finale in Osaka with everyone🏃‍♀️✨


To everyone who came to the venue
To everyone who watched the stream
I am filled with nothing but gratitude with how you colored the Sakurazaka tour,
which has a new system with the addition of the new members, with Sakura color.
Truly, thank you very much.



In the Kanagawa performance,
Murai Yu-chan who did the kage ana with me
gave it her best to hop into the flow
of the boring Kanagawa pun that I thought of


“It’s starting soon
kana?* (Habu) gawa! (Yu-chan)”
[t/n: kana as in かな?, so it can be read as “It’s starting soon, or is it?”]

With her overflowing kindness,
eyes and power that draws people in,
I hope that she’ll continue to attract many people 🔥

It makes me happy how during this period,
my distance with the 3rd gen-chan has greatly shrunk



The distance between me and Kirako
has shrunk so much she could put her hand on me
This story is already out.
But the other day we went out for a cleverly planned aquarium date ✌🏻♡




And more than anything,
I hoped to be able to look at my many fans face to face
and chat with them soon


Thank you very much to everyone
who has applied for 6th single meguri.
I look forward to being able to chat with you on the day
Please let me hear your many thoughts at that time 🙂




It took some time
But I feel that I, myself,
have finally reached another level.
It is thanks to your daily support


Please look forward to this single as well☺︎

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