5 years old (2023.06.09)



5 years old (2023.06.09)






This is Mugi who celebrated his birthday yesterday 🐶

My family sent me these photos 🎂

So cute… …






Roy is also doing fine!!!







I hope these little brothers always stay healthy.




And from here, I have some announcements~~



🗓 Starting at 20:00 on Friday June 9th
“Bokugai Star Ongaeshi”

It’s tonight! Ahh~ I want to go to Okinawa 🤔🌊
I also had the opportunity to record a video together
with Sawabe-san for SNS, so please check it out~!



🗓 Out on sale on Wednesday June 14th
“Weekly Shounen magazine”

I will be appearing in the cover and in the initial pages.
I think it’s been about a year, right …?
I will share more pictures later ☺︎



🗓 Starting at 24:00 on Wednesday June 15th
“Sakurazaka46 All Night Nippon X”

I will be making an appearance
together with Inoue and Rei-chan!
I will be waiting for your mails too~
The live broadcast is a bit late but please listen to it by all means🌛🛌



🗓 Starting at 15:00 on Saturday July 1st

We will be making an appearance.
It’s going to be an 8 hours live broadcast! Don’t miss it~( ˆ࿀ˆ )



🗓 Out on sale on Friday July 7th
“MEN’S NON-NO August/September double issue”

I will be featured in the magazine together with
Karin-chan, Hii-chan and Ten-chan!
Please check it out by all means~~



🗓 From around 15:40 on Sunday July 23rd


Sakurazaka46 will perform in the SUNSTAGE 🌻
Osaka! Festival! I’m happy!
It seems like it will be a hot summer. I’ll be waiting ☺︎



🗓 Opening on Friday July 28th
“Sakurazaka46 New World Exhibition”


This is the group’s first exhibition and
it will be open until Sunday October 29th
It will be held in the Roppongi Museum 🖼
It would make me happy if you could feel
the history and the future of Sakurazaka!
I’m looking forward to it so much!



🗓 On Saturday August 12th


We will be performing.
Summer has come again~!!! 🍧
Let’s make the best memories~~~!





 In the Youtube’s “Sakurazaka Channel” 🌸

The members did a behind the scenes report about
the tour’s Osaka performance ☺︎



By the way,
There were a lot of moments in the video where I thought that
the Buddies might have never seen this before~!
It was interesting 🙊

Please watch by all means~~





The MV of our 6th single “Start over!”
has been released 👨🏻‍💻


It has received a lot of reactions,
so I am very happy.



The MV jacket photo, the official photos
and the CD’s bonus footage and recorded contents
have all been revealed!



So many things!!!!! 🗻



And also, thank you so much to
everyone who applied to the
Meet & Greet sessions.

I’m looking forward to it~! ☺️



And once again,
“Start Over!” will be released on Wednesday June 28th
Looking forward to your support!





Web Radio “Sakumimi vol.265”


After completing the 3rd tour,
Marina-chan and I talked about
our memories of the tour 👂🏻

I really talked a lot, right? LOL

It was fun!




I’m sorry for
giving you all these announcements in one go (´._.`)

I’m planning to share the photos later~~






Recently my skin has been very dry,
so I’ve been lubricating it (it’s a way of saying) and then going to sleep like this 🙃







The MINON pack on the left
is considerably heavy and viscous,
so I only use it when it’s extremely dry!

It will be sticky~~🍑



The Carte HD mist lotion on the right is the one
I spray on myself during daytime!

The mist is light and it feels so good,
you can feel the moisturizing effect,
it’s very convenient as a carry-on cosmetic 🕺




I’ve been trying out a lot of skin care products recently~
I like it~ it’s fun~ ( ◜◡◝ )





I will write again

See you!
Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono

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