Black Matono (2023.06.09)


Hello ( ¨̮ )

Thanks for opening my blog 🌸


This is Matono Mio 😸 





For Sakurazaka46 “3rd TOUR 2023”, 

To everyone who went to the venue, and to those who watched the stream, thank you! 


For us 3rd gens it’s our first tour, and the first time we were given the chance to stand on the same stage as our seniors. 

There were things I didn’t understand and things that I was worried about but, thanks to the kind seniors, my 3rd gen comrades, and Buddies, we were able to finish the tour. 


We did a special BAN performance during Kanagawa 3rd day and Osaka leg of the tour

When they talked to us about it, I was really grateful and was worried a lot. 

Countless times during the rehearsals and before the performance, we, 3rd gens, gathered many times, talked a lot and practiced.

We are not experienced enough to stand on the same stage as our seniors but,

thank you so much to everyone who applauded and cheered for us. 

It is thanks to everyone that we were able to dance with a bit more confidence. 
I am filled with gratitude. 

Above all, I think that the center, Rika-nee, was even more anxious than everyone else. 
Still, thank you for giving your best as the center! 
Rika-nee was very cool. She’s always cool. 


When I am performing, I really enjoy it from the bottom of my heart, and I feel that it makes me gain a little confidence in myself. 



Whenever I meet with your eyes on stage, it feels like the corners of my mouth are almost poking my eyes~

I am happy 🙂 



Also, during the Osaka leg my bangs were short

The reason is

I cut my bangs, and they became shorter ✂️

It’s simple, right~



6th single「Start over!」

No matter how many times I watch the seniors perform, I learn more and more from them. 

For us 3rd gens, the seniors are still presences that are out of reach for us, but will do our very best, facing only forward. 




My hair has grown 👍🏻 

I hope you will like me with long hair too (▭-▭)✧



Lately I’ve suddenly started thinking that I’d really like to know what your first impression of me was

Your impression of me immediately after my introduction 

Please tell me ^-^



I saw Reina’s blog 

I cried alone after reading it. 

Even though I had wanted all of us in Group A to work hard together during training camp,
I knew Reina was sacrificing sleep time for practice but 
I didn’t know that Reina was crying alone in the middle of the night 

I’m sorry I didn’t notice that

I know Reina probably thinks that I don’t understand how she feels

But I don’t like crying in front of others either, so I decided not to cry in front of the camera during the documentary of the training camp. I think, even just a bit, I can understand her feelings. 


The rooms at the training camp didn’t have big mirrors, so instead we practiced together using the terrace windows at night, which were just as reflective as mirrors.

When I woke up in the morning, Reina would still be working hard on her dance practice

At night, even if our time to use the gym was up, a lot of members kept practicing in the inn’s lobby. 

Regardless of who it was or what group they were in, everyone was working hard, even in moments that weren’t shown in the documentary.


Lastly, on the final day, I was happy that the 3 of us were able to dance BAN together. 


Without a doubt Reina is strong.

That’s the meaning of her being in charge of the “power” role. 💪🏻 


What I remember so much about the camp was
Because I eat a lot, whenever there was extra rice or side dishes, everyone would look at me like “Mio??”




Soko Magattara, Sakurazaka? 
“3rd Generation Reaction Check!”

Have you watched it? 😏

I am not a fan of roller coasters or scary experiences. 

For the Labyrinth of Fear, I was really really scared but the other 2 were screaming so much, it started to drive me crazy.



During the show, I made a fuss when Yui-san praised me but
normally I don’t act like that, so please don’t worry,, 

(((( ‘-‘ ))))


And, Yuzu’s voice is so low,, !! 😡


Airi-taan 👧🏻🤍 





Recently, I am really excited and looking forward to talking with everyone in Meet & Greet. 

Everyone, thank you very much

I love you






Thank you for reading until here!! 

Let’s meet in my next blog! 

Tomorrow is Itoha~! 
Itoha is the 3rd Gen that’s in charge of wanting praises so please praise her a lot! 

So proud of you Ito-chan-!! 


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