I’ve been in the mood to eat caramel popcorn lately. It feels like the caramel popcorn you eat at the movie theatre always tastes the best!^._.^ (2023.06.10)





I’m the type that’s ok even if I don’t hold the handrail when I’m on a train.



Aren’t I amazing? hehe 



I   a m   M u k a i   I t o h a   f r o m   H i r o s h i m a   P r e f e c t u r e ,

I ’ m   1 7   y e a r s   o l d   a n d   i n   m y   2 n d   y e a r   o f   h i g h   s c h o o l .






Thank you for opening my blog.


I’m continuing off from Mio^._.^



Mio was oversleeping recently

but Itoha woke her up~!!!!



Aren’t I incredible??







By the way, did you see my June greeting card~??




I’m happy to say I feel like my drawings have been getting better and better with each month that goes by!!!!




This month, I tried drawing snails!



I’m proud of my work, I think I did a pretty good job!!


Be sure to take a look!!!



And look forward to next month as well!





– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –



Thank you for our 3rd TOUR 2023!




This is the first time the 3rd generation members have accompanied our seniors on a tour. There were lots and lots of things to thing about, so much so that some days I’d be completely lost in thought. 




But I have nothing but happy memories when I look back on it,

so the fact that I was so overwhelmed at times doesn’t bother me.



Looking back now, I also think
all that practice wasn’t for nothing.






Throughout the tour, I thought to myself



I want to get better at performing


I’d like to get stronger.







I’ll keep working harder and harder and continue to grow

so I hope you’ll keep watching.






I hope you can think


I’m glad I met Itoha


I’m glad I supported her.





And lastly,



to everyone who came to the tour this time,


everyone who watched the live stream,


and everyone who supported us,


Thank you so much.




Love you.


I really want to see you again soon.




Keep on watching me, okay?





Thank you for all the flowers!



I never thought I’d be on the receiving end of these…!


I’m so happy!
Thank you!


Is it a little easier to read the text now…?




Let’s meet at ZOZO Marine Stadium next



I’ll be waiting~



– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –




🌸Sakurazaka Channel🌸

Behind the scenes at the Osaka concert!!!




Have you watched it~??


Itoha ran around with the camera~!!






Rika-nee even said to me 

“Ito-chan’s a YouTuber, huh!?”



It made me happy!!!!!



I traveled around to lots of different places

and got to film lots of people!



After recording for YouTube,

Staff-san let me hold their big camera!

I even traveled around with it as well!!!!


People told me “Woahh you look so cool~!!” lol



I was told I looked cool but


I was also told


“Woah, woah, be careful!” lol



Does Itoha really look that reckless~..



Staff-san let Itoha hold the camera quite a lot~!



Maybe it’s because I wander around in front of the camera~ lol



I’ll keep taking videos of lots of people!





– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –




~ S h i n s e k a i ~




Sakurazaka46’s exhibition “Shinsekai” has been announced~!



It will be open from Friday, July 28th until Sunday, October 29th


at Roppongi Museum




It’ll make me happy if you can come see it in person.



I hope it will be an exhibition that resonates with the hearts of many people!





– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

~ Q & A ~


Q1. What’s the most delicious food you’ve eaten out of everything you’ve had all around the country?




A. This is such a tough question!!!!! lol


I mean, the food is delicious everywhere!!



I’ll name one thing for each of Aichi, Fukuoka, and Osaka lol


The karaage in Aichi was so goooood!!

But Aichi’s beef burger was particularly good as well!


For Fukuoka, of course it’s their ramen! Shinshin-san was insanely tasty~!

Also the tai chazuke!
[t/n: chazuke (rice with green tea and/or dashi poured over it) with sea bream]

I was really blown away by it!


And of course for Osaka it’s their takoyaki!!
The onion ponzu sauce was sooo good!!

How many pieces do you think I ate over those 2 days~??


Everyone was really surprised… lol




Sorry.. I didn’t give just one answer for any of them lol


Eeeverything was so good!!!^._.^







Q2. Are you good at cooking? What’s your specialty?




A. You got to see everyone else cooking at the training camp, but Itoha is a mystery huh~ lol



What do you think~??



I’m not quite as good as Rika-nee,

but there’s nothing I can’t do~!!



I’ve helped out with cooking at home ever since I was little, and I guess I picked up on some things from watching my mom cook!



I don’t think it’s exactly a specialty,
but I can make hamburger!



Oh and I can also make omurice lol


Itoha is on team runny omurice^._.^🎶





Q3. Is there any food that you’re really into?





A. For this one, I’ve always loved JagaRico!!
[t/n: snack food, they’re these little fried potato sticks that come in a cup or a bag]


I always check out their new flavors, and whenever I went to souvenir shops during the tour, I always looked for JagaRico!


I brought a lot back with me~!! ehehe


The regional JagaRico flavor I liked the most was the takoyaki one!


I liked it so much I ordered some online too~!


My favorite flavors are Kanto Nori Dashi and Mozzarella & Tomato!!!!


I wonder if they’re still selling them..



Whenever I find them I always buy a lot! lol





Q4. I like Itoha-chan so much that it feels like I’m going crazy. What should I do?





A. This is such an incredibly great question~ lol


I’m glad you like me so much~!!

But but, I want you to like me more and more!!


Tell Itoha how you feel about her!


Isn’t it not nearly enough yet??


Itoha loves you all more than you think she does~!



A lot of you wrote in your love letters

“I’m getting jealous”


But I’m really happy about that!!!




I want you to like me so much that you get jealous.



Because if you only look at other girls, Itoha will get jealous too..







Now then


I braided my hair^._.^




How does it look~?





What hairstyle should I post next~








That’s a hint~^._.^



I haven’t decided yet though~ lol





– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –



It’s almost about time to end the blog this time~




Recently, I went out to eat with a girl I’ve been becoming friends with!🩷🩵
[t/n: this was confirmed to be Sugawara Satsuki of Nogi’s 5th generation]



She’s so funny, I couldn’t stop laughing!! hehe!!









Once again, thank you for the tour!


I really enjoyed this time from the bottom of my heart!



Just one thing that was left undone on the tour


Ten-sama told me

“Hey hey, I thought of a great catchphrase for Itoha!

Inu ha? Neko ha? Itoha~?
[t/n: lmao. it’s a rip off of Riko’s catchphrase; to explain again, “X ha” is like saying you’re on team X i.e with something that’s divisive like are you a cat person or a dog person, you can use this to say which side you’re on. it fits with itoha since her name ends with -ha]


You should do this during the MC!!”


but I couldn’t do it lol



I want to make you all come to Team Itoha



So join Team Itoha!




Hmhm. I managed to do it here, so I’m satisfied^._.^








Photo taken by my little sister.

She told me “You better post this on your blog!!!!”



She kept saying it so I posted it. lol




A song I’ve been listening to a lot lately

Mousou Summer   /   SHISHAMO





Tomorrow is Yu’s turn

She’s a total goofball, it’s so funny lol
There are so many episodes of her being goofy, I start laughing just by thinking about it. lol



Have fun.











Byebye. Love you~.



Trying to draw you in until the very very end lol

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