This is the laid back Murai Yu (2023.06.11)



Hello everyone, it’s been a while ☺︎



Thank you for your hard work every day at school, at your work~!



I am 18 years old Mura Yu from Tokyo.






First of all,

         on the topic of Sakurazaka46’s “3rd TOUR 2023”!



I was able to safely complete the tour thanks to the support of the many people who stayed by my side,

the Buddies who are cheering for me, the staff members, the seniors, and the other 3rd gen members,


Truly, thank you very much!!



Through the tour, I am once again reminded of how truly glad I am to have been able to meet and join the wonderful group that is Sakurazaka.



I want more and more people to know about Sakurazaka’s unique charm




On this tour, 3rd generation members performed “Dead end” for the first time, and I was selected to be its center.



I have been waiting to be able to talk to you about it!


How was 3rd gen’s ver of Dead end…?



When we were first told about it, I was filled with worries, wondering whether or not the audience would accept 3rd gen members performing this song or if they would feel disappointed about it


However, at the same time, I also want to make those who support us happy


We performed it for the first time on the first day of the Tokyo performance, and I was so nervous that my mind blanked out and I barely remember anything



The thing I struggled the most with is the hyping up part

I always feel like I’m having difficulty with it

My voice cracking, missing the timing, I kept having trouble getting it right


Amidst all that, before the start of the 2nd day of Kanagawa performance, Ozono-san gave me advice and said “Don’t worry, do your best!” and gave me a hug

After that, I started to get the hang of it and was able to improve

She truly is such a nice and wonderful senior! ♡

I am greatly thankful to her ☺︎




I will continue to do my best so that I can make use of what I learned on the tour and become more powerful next time!

I want to experience it together with all of you~~





I took a picture with Rika~ 🤍



Since the two of us have a rabbit in our signature, I wonder if we are the rabbit duo~?! 🐇➰



On “Soko Magattara, Sakurazaka?”, we entered the haunted house together for the reaction check!

Rika was so reliable, it was so reassuring!

We did our best with the strategy of putting our backs against the wall!

I’m not very good with haunted houses,
but because I was with Rika, I feel like I was able to enjoy it slightly for the first time in my life…!



And then,

on Sakurazaka Channel, we introduced the backstage together~!

I hope that you could give it a look 🫶🏻 ⬇️






Truly, thank you very much for all the wonderful flowers during the tour! ( ¨̮ )♡



They are all my treasure!!! ♡




I got to eat many delicious foods during the Osaka performance~!



I ate salt-flavored takoyaki for the first time, and was shocked by how delicious it is…! 🐙🤍



I think I’m one of the big eaters among the 3rd generation members….!!!


I love to eat~~ 🫶🏻


“To eat all the delicious food in this world”

that is one of my goals… 🙊 lol




⋱⋰ ⋱⋰ ⋱⋰ ⋱⋰ ⋱⋰




Next is,
on the topic of the 6th single, “Start over!”!



On this single, 3rd generation members are given the chance to fill for the common coupling song



I think that we are able to receive this song because “Natsu no Chikamichi” was loved by so many people



“Natsu no Chikamichi”

The music video has passed 3 million views!!! 🌸


Truly thank you very much for watching and listening to it a lot! ☺︎

It makes me really so happy



I hope that the next 3rd gen song becomes something that everyone keeps close to their hearts




⋱⋰ ⋱⋰ ⋱⋰ ⋱⋰ ⋱⋰



Next is, Q&A corner!



Q. If you could swap places with another Sakurazaka member, who would it be? Please tell me the reason too!

A. Miu (Murayama Miu)

The truth is,
it’s because I admire Miu’s calm atmosphere, she really looks great wearing black, and she has a tall figure and looks like a model…!




Q. Please tell me your favorite drama or movies!

A. Itaewon Class, the Little Mermaid Live Action

The day before yesterday, I went to watch the Little Mermaid Live Action at the cinema! It was so beautiful, I was truly moved by it…🥲




⋱⋰ ⋱⋰ ⋱⋰ ⋱⋰ ⋱⋰





When I wore glasses in my first blog, everyone said that they liked it, so I wore them again~






That’s it for today

Thank you very much for checking this out ☺︎




Tomorrow is Miu!


Well then, see ya ᐢ. ̫.ᐢ/

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