Thank you ♡🌳🌸 (2022.09.12)

Good evening


Yesterday, I finished all my activities as a member of Sakurazaka46!





Once again, thank you very much for the past ~7 years.

I entered the group when I was 17 years old, and now I’m turning 25 next month.



I am very proud to have been able to work as an idol

at the period of my life which I’m sure is the time when one experiences many different things

which is a little different from ordinary students and working adults.



I really loved the group so much

I am sure that even after I become a granny

I’ll be boasting, “I was a member of Keyakizaka46, Sakurazaka46~” ♡





There were a lot of difficulties

but now I can talk about how fun it all was with a smile 🌳🌸



But it is all because of all the people who I have been involved with in the past 7 years,

from the staff members who have been so kindly supporting us every day,

the members who are like a family and have a kind understanding heart for each other,

and the fans who always gave their full support, were kind, and spoiled me a lot 😊,

and my family and friends who lent me their ears many times.


My sincerest thanks to you, truly!!






This week, I was able to appear on many radio shows,

ANN0, Nobiraji, Rekomen, SOL Board of Education, Nichiyou no Heso, KochiHoshi


it was probably the first time I appeared on so much radio within a week!

Truly, thank you very much to all the radio stations.

I was happy to be able to do yesterday’s Nichiyou no Heso with Tsuchida-san and Shinuchi-san at the end.




I also received a beautiful graduation certificate 🎓



Shinuchi-san ♡

She gave me so much support, she was truly like an older sister to me~

Let’s continue to be friends.





And from there, yesterday I was also able to meet the fans in person for the first time in a long while in a special event

there was also SHOWROOM stream (With Fuuchan the other day, with Rina yesterday), KochiHoshi, and SokoSaku 🌸



It’s truly been a fulfilling couple of days.


I could feel the love of the staff from each show, each work site

I was really, really happy.


I was also happy with SokoSaku’s praise festival plan~.

I received so much love until the very end!



It was a pleasure to have been able to meet the two of them!

Thank you very for being such a kind Papa to me all this time.






Ten also suddenly made an appearance!

Such a kind junior… From now on too, you can continue to rely on me a lot as your second mother.






And so,


I have nothing else that I wanted to do, so I also have no regrets!!






It was a really fun 7 years 💐

And please take care, everyone!



With all the power I have received from many people these past 7 years,

I will live my life in my own way!





Truly, thank you very much.




Ozeki Rika

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