Thank you, always Matono Mio (2023.07.01)



Hello everyone 🌸



Thank you for opening this blog. 


This is Matono Mio

who received the baton from Yuttan 😸


Yuttan’s words always cheers me up 😄😄

Thanks 😊 




6th single
Online Meet & Greet 

Thank you for all the applications. 


The other day, I was exchanging texts with a friend from my hometown,  
she said
“There’s a lot of people supporting you!” 


When I looked at the actual contents of the text, for some reason I could really feel the support I’m getting from so many people even more than usual


I am really glad that there are people who are interested in talking with me.


Even though I’m among all these cute and charming girls,

Thank you for still thinking that I’m the one you want to talk to and support


I will do my best to make you happy that you came! 


I look forward to seeing you all at the online sign event, and real meet & greet! 

Let’s make memories ☺️





6th single “Start over!” has been released. 

The fantastic songs from the seniors, 
The songs that us 3rd gens participated in, 

I will be happy if you love them a lot.  


Looking forward to your support 😊 


Personally, I like “Anthem time”, it’s cute 🎶 

I can’t wait for the day when we can perform it in concerts and such 😌








From the time when I went to Disneyland with Shizuki 🏰


It was raining that day, but since both of us don’t mind the rain, we walked around a lot ^-^ 


We went to a lot of attractions for the first time, and ate tons of food! 


It was fun 〜🥺


The food was super delicious! 

I already want to eat again 🍴





My first SHOWROOM!! 

To everyone one who watched it, thank you very much 

I was nervous but, unexpectedly 1 hour went by so fast because it was fun! 

I hope to talk to you all again〜😆 

I will be happy if you can continue to enjoy the remaining 3rd gen SHOWROOM ☺️ 



I talked about how I wanted to wear yukata with 3rd gens, 


but just between you and me, 
after the stream, Nagi sent a mail saying 

“Let’s go on a yukata date together ❤︎” !!!  



Yes!!! I am reeaaaaaally looking forward to that!!!!!! 



I’m looking forward to seeing 3rd gens in yukata ーーーーー 



It will definitely be cuteーーー 











Miu before she cut her hair 🍠


When I asked Miu for a two-shot with me, she took a lot of photos with me 😊

Since we were in symmetrical positions during Natsu no Chikamichi, we were often close to each other 🌱 



Her cute and pretty face, 
The part where she’s stoic about herself, 
The fact that she’s tall and stylish, 
Her face when she’s smiling, 
She’s usually cool but she’ll cheer me up when I feel down, 


There’s a lot that I respect about her

Miu was at the same table with me in the waiting room during the 4th round of auditions

Ever since then, I’ve always thought she was pretty

After the successful applicants had been announced, she said, “I hope that we can debut together!” and I was really happy hearing it ☺️


You can’t really help but to like her 


I mean, Miu after she cut her hair perfectly hit the mark for me, on the day I first saw it, I told her how cute she looked as soon as I had the chance to


It was too cute. Really. 




By the way, I went for a tapioca drink with the 3rd gens the other day 

I hadn’t had it in a while, so it tasted better than usual!! 

I got a student discount, and was able to get it for only 300 yen 😆 


I love everyone in 3rd gen!!!

Let’s stay friends for a long long time 




I’ve been staying up late lately, I need to get a good night’s sleep~ 


If I don’t set an alarm, I will sleep forever 

I dream a lot because of that 

(っ ॑꒳ ॑c)


I do have a strange dream sometimes 

I started having that dream when I was a preschooler 

Ever since the day I had it, even now, I sometimes have a dream that continues off from it.


I just like waking up in the morning and looking up the meaning of the dream that I had 






Thank you for reading until the end! 


That’s all for now 📖




I love you 



See you!!! 



Clean the room tomorrow 
Tidy up the futon
I love you all 
For real 
I want to be with you forever 





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