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“Someday, someday,” floating around in my mind
I have not been able to say it all this time





I feel that by saying it out again, the murkiness of those days will come back to me



But even so
I feel that “Someday, someday” is now!
I was able to tell you







I first met Yumi-chan during the third round of auditions, when we were seated next to each other

After the final round and passing the audition, going to and from the lessons, and even when we stayed in a hotel room together
She looked after me a lot

She helped me




The day Yumi-chan joined Keyakizaka46 and I was not assigned to it



To Yumi-chan, who said, “I’ll definitely see you again someday”

I could only vaguely reply with “Thank you”





I was not confident that we would be able to meet again









A lot has happened since then



Truly, a lot has happened





I think it is a miracle that we were able to spend time together in the group, Sakurazaka46


Yumi-chan’s graduation ceremony was held at the Fukuoka leg of the 3rd tour
At the end, I was able to say sorry for that time and thank you,, *



To the future of Yumi-chan, who has been kind to me ever since we met
I wish you a looot of happiness 🫧




I’m full of thanks





The 3rd tour started with the Tokyo show, followed by the Nagoya, Fukuoka, and Kanagawa shows, and I felt I had to share this with all the Buddies,,!





Those penlights create the world of the song for us

Those towels and signs make me feel that I am allowed to stand here

Those voices make us be able to give our all

We can sing because you can hear us there

We can put our feelings into it because you can see us there




What we do holds value because there are people who accept us



I want to tell each and every one of you that you are essential


Please don’t think of yourself as one of the many people who are coming to see the concert

Please come as if you are an essential part of this show!!!




I wonder if the message was conveyed,, ><




I watch you stand in line to get your goods, and watch you follow the rules after the show,, it’s true!

It’s adorable



The celebratory flowers always make me happy too, to the point that I want to take them all home with me
















Thank you for celebrating the release of my photo book and my birthday at the Nagoya show
I was also very happy with the surprise message you showed me~*







Thank you very much







🪽Tonight from 22:00
The 6th single’s MV “Start over!”
Let’s watch it together on YouTubeー!




During the period of the 6th single, I will give my best to do what I can honestly do with the frustration I currently have,,*



Having a proper feeling of regret, I want to tell you that I am aware that this feeling is also necessary for me someday


I think there will come a time when you can’t do your best if you don’t know frustration,



For that day, someday
I hope I could make it a period of time where I remember my emotions well!






🪽Sakurazaka has another Youtube channel
On the Sakurazaka Channel,
The video of me going a family restaurant alone has been released🥞

I made my Jonathan’s debut!






It got angry lol




Please watch even while eating!









Sakurazaka46’s “3rd TOUR 2023” will reach its finale in Osaka tomorrow and the day after tomorrow




The final day, June 1, Thursday will be livestreamed✨

There is still time to get tickets to watch the livestream, so you can find more details here!




And this time there also be an overseas livestream 🌏

We will bring the best to Buddies around the world






The tour final,

To make you think we have grown,
We will do our best!!




I want to be someone’s reason to wake up in the morning

I’ll put that kind of feeling into it




Ozono Rei


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