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Today, Sakurazaka46 celebrated its 3rd Debute Anniversary!! 👏✨


Truly, thank you very much for your constant support.



It feels like, “So it’s been three years already~ 😳”…



We are walking on a different path from Keyakizaka46,

and while both are a very important time in my life,


Ever since we became Sakurazaka46, I have been able to encounter many new emotions and learn a lot from them.



Although I still have a hard time when parting with members…



With the addition of new members,

every day I could feel how the group is overflowing with the feeling of hope.



I am sure that in our 4th year too, we’ll climb up the stairs step-by-step

and see new sights together with the Buddies 💭💭



So I hope that you can give your continued love and support us in our 4th year as well 🥰🌸






I’ll end this blog with a nostalgic picture from the Debut Countdown Live 📸

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