Shinzanmono (2023.12.08)




Behind every song I sang and danced to, behind every costume I wore, behind every shoes I put on, there was determination.


To say, “Please come to watch Shinzanmono”
To ask, “How did you enjoy Shinzanmono?”
Took a lot of courage.


Now, I realize that that was because I was taking it so seriously.





At all times,
I was supported by the warmth of everyone who just hugged me tightly.

We couldn’t help to show our weaknesses to each other, but we’re so used to it now.

I’m always grateful.


We put our feets in together while holding hands, just 8 x 5 seconds each




To everyone who came to the venue, everyone who watched the stream, thank you very much.



I would like to go far beyond this. Starting from now.
We want to be the kind of people who can create opportunities, and we will definitely seize them.



I usually hesitate when talking about what I want for the future, but because I really feel that I want to move forward even more with everyone, I decided to try writing something that’s a little more assertive than usual.

This strong feeling might be one of the things I’ve gained from Shinzanmono.


I hope you’ll continue to be by our side from now on too.




Thank you for your warm support
Over the 10 Shinzanmono performances.





Let’s meet again 🌻


Good night 🐦


From Yuuzu

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