With a floral umbrella (2023.10.17)

Everyone, how are you doing
Have you been laughing a lot


It’s Murayama Miu







On rainy days


When I walk while looking at my favorite umbrella,
Stepped on a puddle
That happened often



It’s a precious umbrella that I got from Airi-san
Seems like we have matching umbrellas













The third gens’ waiting room
Is really lively

That day, I’m sure
I was listening to music, and Odakura-san sat on my lap
Lately, I’ve been calling Dakura
As “Odakurap”






By the way,
I became
Snack Miu-san
(Individual PV)



The director is
Who also worked with us during our documentary


Ishihara Ayumu-san
Shibuki Protein Oyaji-san
From Senritsu Peekaboo

From Mousou Report

Appeared in my PV


The song “Rainy Day”
Was by Kinami Umi-san


It was a place full of kindness
Be sure to give my first individual PV a watch












This is really just a monologue, but,


I got
A white rabbit for the new year


Just two months until 2024
So fast…
The real meet & greet will be held right after the new year





Moreover, it’s in Kyoto and Makuhari
After all, being in Kansai makes me excited
I’m looking forward to it

But just because it’s Kansai,
There is no guarantee that you will be able to see Miu speaking in Kansai dialect
But since I’ll be waiting for you with a smile on my face
Please come~





The first round of application will be on
October 18th (Wednesday) 14:00~
Until October 19th (Thursday) 23:59

Kyoto Pulse Plaza
2024-01-13 (Saturday)

Makuhari Messe
2024-01-21 (Sunday)












Good night

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