What Strength Is (2023.06.05)


Happy Sunday 😊


How are you, everybody?
The time between blog entries felt longer than usual to me, so I’ve been looking forward to this day.




I am Odakura Reina
18 years old, from Tokyo.


3rd TOUR 2023

Thank you so much,
for coming to the venue to see us,
and for watching the live stream!

Thank you for the flowers.
I’ll express my gratitude for them another time, so please look forward to it.


During the live, the sounds of your cheers once Overture started playing echoed through my body, enveloping me in excitement and a feeling of powerful intensity.

It was so much fun . .


It was the first time we had the opportunity to perform on stage together with our seniors.

Seeing our seniors performing so close to us, it became clear to me what I’ve learned, what I aspire to be, and what I’m still greatly lacking in.

I want to keep improving.



The 3rd generation members got to perform Natsu no Chikamichi and Dead end. Thank you.
Through trial and error, we checked to make sure we had everything right, including the MC, so that everyone could have a good time.

How were our
Sentai Pose and BIG Love pose?


Also, here is a collection of the terrible puns from Odakura Reina’s MC.
[t/n: tbh i’d be at least 50% guessing on any explanation for these so… gomen. 🫠 maybe one day i’ll reach out and ask some people to explain them. If i do i’ll tweet it out or smthn]

Motsunabe wo motsukaero~
Taichazuke, tabetai ccha!

Oishii nikuman no koto wa nikumandoko

Start over! no MV wo mitara koufun shite skirt order shichaimashita!


Did you enjoy them?

When I’m at my limit and become flustered, puns start pouring out.
Maybe more will continue to pour out from time to time……




Additionally, on the 3rd day of the Kanagawa concert as well as the Osaka concert, a special performance of BAN was held.

I never thought I’d be able to feel so close to our seniors like that, who I had watched countless videos of as reference during the training camp.

I can feel the warmth of both them and all of you as you watch over the 3rd generation members.
Thank you.



Changing the subject a bit, how would you all define “strength?”


For me, I’ve lived my whole life believing it’s “continuing to move forward without showing weakness.”

Having that belief, during the training camp documentary that was released on YouTube, I pretty much didn’t cry at all.


But the truth is, back then I’d be practicing by myself in the middle of the night crying my eyes out.
It was this combination of both my body’s inability to memorize the choreo no matter how much I practiced, and a growing impatience as the deadline grew near.

But because of my inexperience of never truly showing weakness to anyone before,
and my fixation on this skewed perception of what strength is,
I’d never been able to let anyone see my tears.

That’s how I’d always lived.


Despite being that way, when I felt the kindness of everyone supporting me throughout the tour, or I met eyes with my seniors while performing BAN during the Osaka concert,

I thought,

“Maybe I was wrong about what strength is”

I felt something awaken in me, just a little bit.


I thought maybe strength is believing in something, strength is not hiding your weakness or tears from others.

It’s because of the evasive attitude I’ve had in how I’ve lived my life that I’m just now reconsidering things like this.


I’d like to live more honestly from now on.




Do you know what’s different about this from usual?

The answer is……


I did my own makeup a little!


Our makeup artist praised me lol. She said,
“Have you gotten better at putting on makeup? You’re improving!”




Applications for the 6th single meet and greet have also started!

Whether you visited me last time, or you’re meeting me for the first time,
I look forward to seeing you.


Make lots of summer memories with me~!

I’m a girl born in summer, so enjoy yourselves enough to blow the heat away☀️

If you have a request for my hairstyle, makeup, or clothes, please let me know!


The 3rd round is open between
Wednesday, June 7th 14:00 ~ Thursday, June 8th 14:00


I’ll be waiting~!





Lately I’ve been thinking how I wish I had an older sister like Yuuzu. I love her!


I’ll think I’ll end things here.

I hope to be the brightest star in your heart💫
This was Odakura Reina!


Tomorrow is Nagi’s turn.



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