9 (2023.06.04)

Thank you for opening this blog.



I’m Endo Riko, a 17 year old 2nd year high school student from Saitama.




It’s now June already right.



The greeting cards for June have been posted~!



I’m bad at drawing.


That’s why, even though the quality of my greeting card drawing is bad,


It took me a while to draw it. ☺︎




By the way, lately it has been raining a lot right.

I was thinking that,



But it’s just that it’s now rainy season!!



I’ve just now been convinced of this.









Everyone, have you watched Sokosaku?

It was a reaction check episode!!



Actually, a reaction check episode is the second kind of episode that I feared the most. 😉


”What about the first one~?”
You thought of that, right? But it’s a secret. ☺︎




Though I’m not very good with roller coasters,


I think I have come to like it during this time riding FUJIYAMA.
It’s important to challenge any kind of thing right.





In the waiting room, before getting on FUJIYAMA,
Mio nuzzled her head on my shoulder.


Shoo cuuteeee




For the sake of reporting, Miu diligently researched and memorized things about Mt. Fuji before getting on the roller coaster.

It was entertaining right~


Miu is quite the strange one as well.







[Sutaba?Sutaoba?Start over!]



The 6th single “Start over!”, will be released on 28th June. ♪


I’ve watched the “Start over!” MV countless times.
Everyone, let’s watch lots of it together okay~



I can’t wait for the release day.




I also look forward to talk to you guys in Meet & Greet.


Let’s do the secret talk between just the two of us a lot~!!☺︎




Since it will be our first meet & greet in a while, it feels like it’ll be really fun and exciting.

Don’t be creeped out okay.😏



”This is my first time joining~”

For first timers too, go ahead! I will be waiting ☺︎


Please talk to me freely without being nervous okay.




Ah, for the third round of applications,

They will open on 7th June at 2 PM~


Please come okay ☺︎ I will be waiting~!








[Thank you for Tour]



The tour this time where I participated for the first time,
I managed to get through it without a hitch.

Thank you very much.



Thank you for warmly welcoming us 3rd gens who have just joined the tour not long after we entered the group.

I’m very happy with all the cheering, penlights, and towels.




I wonder if I was able to show my improved self during this tour.


Oh yeah also about you guys,

Do you prefer to be “Team Riko”,
or “Riko’s captives”?




And from now on too, maybe little by little,

I will improve myself in my own way,
I will do my best so someday I can be a person that’s important in Sakurazaka. ☺︎







🐶 Pose
I like Mii-san’s bangs when they part.
The braid is also cute right.







I like seeing this Miu that looks more and more mature. ☺︎




Oh yeah,
I didn’t take any pics besides when I’m wearing the sailor uniform~


This costume is cute right.



The costume that we wore during “Dead End” is also really cool, I like it.



How was 3rd gens’ “Dead End”,,?


It was an honor that we got the chance to perform this song.



You guys too,
You wouldn’t have thought that us 3rd gens would perform this song right?



Thank you for watching over us warmly.





Next up,

The “BAN” performance that we did together with the seniors ever since the 3rd day of the Kanagawa leg.



Because it’s the first song that we performed together with the seniors beside “Buddies” and “Sakurazaka no Uta”,

I was really nervous.



The seniors approached us nervous 3rd gens with lots of kind words.



Once again I realized that becoming a member to such a wonderful group is really a blessing.







I looked at the flowers a lot too~☺︎
I’m really happy.




My first ever tour, it was such a wonderful time,
Thank you so much.




I forgot to say something.

The only day I was in charge as the 👶 role was the 3rd day of the Kanagawa leg.


Please pay attention to that okay. 👀






There’s a lots of announcement during the tour right~


Right right, there’s also Sakurazaka46’s art exhibition “Shin Sekai”!!

Airi was really pretty there right~



The blog for this time will end here~☺︎

On the next blog,
I thin I will continue to answer questions.



Thank you for reading until the end!!



Tomorrow is Reina-chan☺︎
I like Reina-chan’s blog.


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