Why I’m happy  Nakashima Yuzuki (2023.08.24)





Good evening.

It’s Nakashima Yuzuki.




Everyone, have you been doing wellー!?

I’m doing well =(^.^)=





It’s Meet & Greet the day after tomorrow!!

Don’t you feel happy when you suddenly remember that something nice is coming up?

That’s why I’m excited now.











The campaign for LAWSON-san has started 🎉

Thank you very much.

When I bought the twin wafers with a card included on the release day, a sparkling me appearedー.



I already received a sparkling me from Kira-san who said “Somehow I pulled Yuuzuー I’ll give it to youー”, so it’s my second.


Everyone, please check it out ☺︎






I really love Kira-san!!
I received gummies from her today ♡
She’s a kind and reliable older sister to me.. ♡


↑ The three lines above were typed by Kira-san on my phone.
By the way, I ate the gummies while acting like I haven’t eaten for four days because she told me to.


She’s a kind and funny senior 🐈‍⬛












I appeared in Seventeen Natsu no Gakuensai 2023!


Thank you for your cheers!
It has become a precious memory ☀︎

Live performances are realllly fun!

I’m really grateful that I’m having wonderful experiences in my first summer after joining the group.













On holidays, I usually spend the entire day sleeping because I’m tired,

But the other day, I managed to have a fulfilling holiday.





I went to see the movie “The Boy and the Heron” by myself~ ☺︎

I’ve loved Ghibli since I was little so I really wanted to watch it!

I was sucked in.

It’s nice to spend time focusing on watching something you love.
It was fun.

The charm of Ghibli works is how cute the characters are, isn’t it?
There was a character I liked too in this one.

If they make merchandise for this movie someday, I hope they appear~ 💭


I took a little bit of a detour on the way home and bought my favorite choco mint ice cream and baked sweet potatoes.

It was a really fulfilling holiday ☺️








I wrote about this a little in my previous blog, but, the flowers that I received at the Real Meet & Greet,

Were super cute!!


I looked at each and every flower and read all the messages. The kind words are firmly stuck in my heart.

Thank you ^_^





I couldn’t take photos of the flowers well (・・;)
I’m so sorry that I couldn’t take a good picture of everything 🙇‍♀️
I’m regretting it,, I should’ve taken two-shots with the flowers instead 🥲

For the people who I haven’t been able to tell my gratitude to directly, let’s meet next time 💐
I’m always grateful ♡ I want to see you again.








That’s right!
Here is the happy me that I talked about in my previous blog




It was hot that day, wasn’t it? ☀️


Lately, it’s been really hot.

Will it be cooler around the time of the anniversary live in November? Will it be cold?

I want to spend the time before the anniversary live talking and having fun with my beloved Habu-san.








Tomorrow is Friday! Let’s do our best! I’ll do my best as well ☺︎


Wishing the best for everyone 🌻




Tomorrow is Mio~! Round and round cheeks






See you



From Yuuzu

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