Today, one year ago. Murai Yu (2023.08.27)



Good evening 🐰🌟



I’m Murai Yu from Tokyo.









It just so happens that the 4th round of auditions was held
one year ago today

Tomorrow was the final judging day




It was the day my life changed


It has become such a distant memory, it makes me feel nostalgic.



On the self-introduction during the 4th round,
If I remember correctly, I performed various genres of dancing that I did in my high school club activities as well as ballet turns


I was very nervous, so I don’t really remember that moment… lol



Shizuki was sitting at the same table in the waiting room, it was there we spoke for the first time

I’m a shy person, but we had similarities such as our age and how we both are in a dance club, so I remember that we spoke a lot


This was a year ago…

It makes me emotional









I turned 19 years old the other day!

It made me very happy how it’s been celebrated by many people

I think that it will be a wonderful year thanks to all of you

Truly, thank you very much!




19 years old


I want to become a bigger presence so that I can give back to everyone who always supports me

I hope to make this 19th year a year full of smiles together with you all

Please continue to support me from now on.









Everyone, how are you all doing?

I’m doing well 100%!


Please eat well, get some sleep, and be careful of the Summer heat~


I will be delivering power with my blog so that you can do your best the next week as well 🧚🏻‍♀️






I’ve been talking with Itoha about wanting to go eat some tasty matcha sweets together

We both love matcha

I want us to go as soon as possible!!
I wonder where we should go~




Yesterday I slept wearing the character print socks
that Itoha gave to me on my birthday

She showed it to me with a smile,

saying, “Look, look~!”.

She was really cute

It made me so happy

They suit me really well 🐱🫶🏻









The collaboration with LAWSON-san has started, hasn’t it!

Thank you very much.

I longed for it so I feel really happy!




The Twin Chocolate Wafers with bonus card

The thrill you feel when opening it is fun



And somehow,
Koike Minami-san and I pulled each other’s rare cards


Isn’t the probability of that happening crazy?!

It feel like some kind of destiny ◜~◝⸝⸝


She signed my card! ☺︎

I hope I can sign her card too~ ☺︎


And Takemoto Yui-san gave
my rare card to me!

Thank you very much ☺︎




The other day, I ate LAWSON-san’s new sweets,
financier (cream cheese)

Financier x Cream cheese

It’s a combination of things that I love

It was really delicious!

I recommend it~ ♡









Thank you very much for

Seventeen Natsu no Gakuen-sai 2023 on 23rd August!


When I was in middle school, I often bought Seventeen and read it

Being able to perform in that Seventeen-san’s event was a dream-like moment for me


It was very fun!





Rika took it for me~ ☺︎

This costume is really cute









Thank you very much for

online meet & greet on 26th August!


I was in a pair line with Airi and Reina

It was very fun to be able to talk about all sorts of things


I received energy and motivation to work hard

It was a very happy time.


On this day, I made my hair into a bear style and put a butterfly on it 🧸


There’s also an online signing event next week

I hope to make it into a memorable signing event

Please look forward to it!









Next is a happy announcement!!



I am featured in “ViVi October edition”

that is currently on sale!



I am filled with so much happiness from being able to receive media award from my beloved magazine, ViVi


There are many wonderful pages filled with lots of ViVi-like charms ♡


I think that you’ll be able to see various different sides of me from the poses and expressions!

There’s a lot of interviews as well!


It was a very fun photoshoot ☺︎

By all means, please give it a check~~!!











From here on is QA corner!





Q. What made you laugh the most recently?

A. Yesterday’s meet & greet!




Q. What do you want to be if you are reborn?

A. A bird!




Q. What is your favorite sushi ingredient?

A. Maguro (Tuna), Ikura, Tobikko, Scallops, Squid




These are the answers~

If you have any questions, I’d be happy to answer them!!









Habu Mizuho-san

She is so kind and cool, such a wonderful senior that I admire it’s difficult for me to express her in words.

Hearing Habu-san’s words always brings a smile to my face naturally


I’d like to cherish the time we have left to work together
until the 3rd YEAR ANNIVERSARY LIVE on 25th November.






That’s all for today



Thank you very much for reading my blog!



I will be cheering for the week that starts tomorrow!

Let us both do our best without forcing it ☺︎


Tomorrow’s blog is Miu!

Please look forward to it~




See ya 🐇➰


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