Yui-san 🀍🀍🀍 (2024.02.19)



I’m Matsuda Rina aka Matsuri-chan

Sakurazaka46’s 2nd generation member from Miyazaki.



Thank you very much for opening my blog.





Thank you very much to everyone


Who have came to the venue, who have watched the streaming


Of Kobayashi Yui Graduation Concert that was held on 31st January, 1st February!




I made sure to burn my last concert with Yui-san to both my eyes and mind



I’d like to continue to cherish what Yui-san has left us, what she has shown us, and what she has taught us from now on



Yui-san will always be someone I aim to be, someone I admire!





Once again, congratulations on your graduation!!




Well then from here on, I will dump pictures of Yui-san being too adorable! πŸ“Έ



Yui-san who started somewhat pouting when I asked permission to take her pictures





Yui-san who now want to be in the picture







The unreleased ver. of that well-received picture of Yui-san



Yep, she’s just too cute







That will be all 🌸







I will always love you from now on too!!!!





Thank you very much for reading my blog.


See ya 🌺🌴

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