Nando LOVE SONG no Kashi wo Yomikaeshita darou #nagisablog


It’s Sakurazaka46’s Kojima Nagisa ☺︎










Today, 19th February,

3rd generation’s song “Nando LOVE SONG no Kashi wo Yomikaeshita darou”

has been released




This is the 5th song for 3rd generation, which we are grateful for. We could receive this song thanks to all of your support.

Truly, thank you very much for your constant support ☺︎




I love this song and MV so much,

I’ve been waiting for all of you Buddies to fall for it




Being able to receive a 3rd generation song,

and being able to meet such lovely song,

I will continue to do my best without forgetting my feeling of gratitude for this environment that I could not take for granted!

Buddies, thank you as always 💌







I will be sharing offshots from here on







She kept dancing to the end without losing her concentration throughout the day.

I saw many times how she was incredibly cute in front of the camera, showing a cool performance, and had a serious expression when with the director.

When the cut is called, she would have a look of uncertainty on whether or not she has done it properly, but it really showed how serious she was.


I really like the final scene

of her rubbing off the blackboard






Snow was falling on that day, and it was so cute how excited she became~ Keep this a secret, okay?





With Rii





On Airi’s lap 💕





We took a picture together

Pigtail and twintail are both cute 🎀





With Rika-tan

Her half-twin hairstyle is brilliant~ 💫





Rika is all wrapped in a blanket 🐈🧶




Sleeping Mio after waking up early morning

and Rika who is sending a love appeal

[T/N: Written is “Sleeping Miotan” and “Rikatan sending hearts”]




They sat together after she woke up





Shizuki 👼🏻





Reina 🦋.*˚





Airi 👶🏻





My hairstyle on the day ☺︎

How was it~??

Everyone else had such a cute hairstyle too

so I took a lot of pictures…

I was happy to be able to wear such a cute costume 🎀




Actually, I still have a lot of pictures that I took

so I’m thinking of uploading a second blog for it 🌸

Thank you very much for reading this far





See ya

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