Inoue Blog (2024.02.20)

Good evening.

It’s Sakurazaka46’s Inoue Rina.


It’s been a while since I updated my blog!
Everyone, how have you been~?


I was surprised with how warm today is!
But seems like tomorrow will be cold…


Runrun said that the cherry blossoms are probably not sure if they should bloom or not as the weather goes warm and cold


And I was like “Huh, that’s right” lol




Kobayashi Yui-san’s graduation concert

Yui-san was cool to the very last end.
I’m sure she will stay cool forever

Right before her graduation, I declared that I will start calling her with “Yui-san” and wasn’t used to it, but now I’m used to it…

I really love “Kimi ga Sayonara Ietatte…” so much I listen to it all the time.
I listen to it when I wakes up in the morning, I listen to it before bed,


I am truly, truly thankful to Yui-san, who has left so many things for the group.

Thank you very much for always been leading, protecting the group.

I hope that you can smile lots from now on as well!



I wanted to make a heart pose with her, and asked her many times for it
It ended up being a bit of a shape



Cute uniforms ♪




Pictures from the real miiguri!

Thank you very much for the many wonderful flowers!
I was able to talk with you lots, and it’s been an amazing time.

I really got empowered by it, y’know~
For real~


Thank you as always~


And then, all of my online miiguri slots for 8th single has been sold out!

Thank you very much to all of you who support me!

I am truly happy that there are so many people who applied, who wanted to see and talk with me.


I’m looking forward to the day of our meeting♪





Speaking of which, I turned 23 years old on 29th January!

Thank you very much to everyone who celebrated it!

Getting your birthday celebrated sure does makes one happy, huh?

I don’t have any particular thing that I wanted to do as a 23 years old, in any case, I’d like to give it my best toward what lies in front of me!



The SHOWROOM stream on the day!
Thanks for watching



Matsuda Rina-chan came too!
I’m so happy



I used to always take a horizontal selfie, but these days I started taking it vertically as well



Well then, that’s all for today,

And tomorrow is the release date of 8th single!


Thank you very much for reading until the very end.


Bye bye~ 🦒

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