Floral pattern (2024.02.21)


[T/N: Letter says, “Hono-chan. Thank you for your hard work. Let’s talk lots again tomorrow. Thanks for the coat”]


On Venue101 day,
Ten-chan, who weren’t able to
Join the live studio broadcast due to her age,


Left letters in the dressing room
For all the members who appeared in the live broadcast



When I returned to my seat after everything is over
I found this letter
And I can’t help but to embrace it… 😭


According to the manager,
It seems that she wrote the messages for each member
while reading them out loud…


What she did, her writing, her emojis, the message itself
Just how insanely cute
they are all are~~~(т-т)‪‪



She said she wants to take a picture with me (So kind)
I took one too,
So I’ll post that as well 🏃🏻



Pictures I’ve been thinking of posting someday
I also have a picture of
Ten-chan’s funny writing mistake(s),
Maybe I’ll show you that too one day 🙊





Today is the release day
For 8th single “Ikutsu no Koro ni Modoritai no Ka?”!!!




It’s a beloved song of mine.


I hope that it may reach many people 🏃🏻🌸


Let’s do our best~~~




See ya!
Sakurazaka46’s Tamura Hono

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