Seems like Yuuzu is playing games (2024.02.18)






Good evening


It’s Yuuzu, I’m doing fine

I’m currently into eating chocolate ice creams
That, or strawberry chocolate ice creams ⭐︎







I performed at “Venue101” yesterday!
Thank you very much.



I think it’s been quite a little while since I’ve had curly hair
Seems like I dozed off while saying “Curly…” while getting my makeup done, but the makeup artist curled my hair so beautifully 🌟 I’m so thankful



↑ The pics were taken by Rei-san ♡







Also, I celebrated my birthday yesterday.

Everyone, thank you for your wonderful messages.
I was so happy that I spent the whole day smiling ☺︎

I’d like to cherish everyone who gives me their warm affection and I hope to be able to return the love.




As a 21 year old who took a bubble bath with a yuzu scent while singing excitedly because it’s my birthday, I’ll be in your care.

Peppy girl







Ah, that’s right. 8th single uniform, I’ll be in your care.










Announcements 📢


I’ll be appearing in “Ariyoshiiieeeee!” at 22:00 tonight 🎮

Yu-Yu-Yu-Yuuzu would be playing games?! Street Fighter 6?????!!!!
I think there are those who would be thinking like that, but…

I was able to have fun playing games with wonderful people ☺︎

Please watch it~


By the way,
*Due to the broadcast of “World Table Tennis 2024”, the broadcast time may be changed or canceled. Please check the program schedule. So I’d like to relay.





I’m featured in
📚 “Platinum Flash”, on sale 2/28
📚 “B.L.T April Issue”, on sale 2/28!

Thank you very much.

The photo shoots were so much fun… 😌
Be sure to check it out

I’ll upload lots of off-shoots next time ☁️





I also said this in my mobame a few days ago, but I feel really happy to be able to relay to you wonderful announcements like these

I’m grateful for the opportunities that I’ve had, and I feel like I’ve been able to enjoy them myself even more recently, which makes me happy.

I hope we can enjoy them together!




I’m also already feeling excited for the tour in March~

Chilling during today’s break time








Wishing you nothing but good things 🌻





See you




From Yuuzu

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