Drowning (2024.02.15)


As the sunlight has a more solid shape to it
It made me think about how it looked like we are in Spring already


It’s Odakura Reina.


I recently bought a diary-type notebook called “My Book”,
But it’s a pretty difficult thing to write down about every day, isn’t it?

I wrote the one on this day with high spirits
It seems that I like days when the season are changing





On a day when the gray sky felt just right
I was eating a stew by the side of the sea,

And the people and dogs passing by seemed to have so much fun
It gave me a little bit of happiness



I was wearing a fluffy earmuffs
Caught by the hands of my friend

It was so cold that the tip of my nose turned red



I really love the sea,
But I’m so scared of it I can’t even put my legs in it


When I was little,
I saw poor sea slugs
that was trapped in a small sea opening within a rocky place


Which made me think,
“Which sea am I really living in?”


Perhaps that was the reason,
So I recalled while spacing out


It’s a weird story, isn’t it?




Speaking of which, doesn’t your excitement rise when you are going to the sea?

When I was in high school, my friends and I used to buy sunglasses every time we went to the beach,
So I have so many sunglasses in my room

What should I do with them~



The sea in February

Is unchangingly cold




Different day ver.


Recently, I started reading NANA
I feel like I might receive some influence from it, so I feel excited



I hope to be the brightest star in your heart 💫
It’s been Odakura Reina




See ya

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