‪‪☺︎‬ (2021.09.10)


Thank you for your hard work today.

Yesterday, on the official site,
Kobayashi Yui’s hiatus has been announced.

I hope that in this period she can spoil herself a lot,
to spend sometime just for herself
and spend her time relaxly.

We will always do our best,
so that Yui-chan can be at ease
and return with a smile.

From here on are my private feelings.

When I noticed,
she is always seated on my opposite or next to me.

Even if we don’t talk to each other,
just to be beside her
gives me a strange sense of security.

To be honest, in this period,
the amount of time I feel lonely
might increase.

Though actually, I’m feeling pretty lonely already.

If only I had a bit more power.

Take it easy now.

If you want to be soothed,
I’ll bring Pomu at any time 🐶

Aight, I’ll do my best in the national arena tour that starts tomorrow
for Yui-chan’s sake as well 🐶🔥

Well then.


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