‪‪☺︎‬ (2021.12.14)

Good evening

Thank you for your hard work today.

Over two days on the 9th and 10th,
was held in Budokan!

I am very happy to have been able to celebrate Sakurazaka46’s 1st anniversary,
and spend the group’s 1st birthday
together with you Buddies 🌸

I’d like to do my best
so that in our 2nd year,
Sakurazaka46’s songs can be close to you in various ways,
and so that many people can come to love us!

And then, Yui-chan~.

Welcome back~ ☺️

< photo by. Kira >

During this time,
with the thinking that she had to strengthen her resolve more than ever,
she spent each day under strain
with a lot of thoughts of her own.

I wanted her to have a peaceful
and relaxing time.

But when I realized it,
I also found myself looking for her silhouette.

And every time, what I feel in my loneliness,
is my frustration
with my insufficiency,
with my shortcomings.

I have never said this anywhere before,
but Yui-chan is someone,

who always inspires me
and encourages me in many ways,
and is a truly reassuring presence.

Because there is a part of me who needs her,
I thought that I have to grow too, during this time.

Without whining,
while desperately facing,
fighting the feelings that sometimes came up,

I’ve been waiting for her this whole time.

When I learned that she was coming back
I was so happy from the bottom of my heart. ☺️

When we were rehearsing together,
I also thought for a bit
that perhaps she is just an illusion. 🤭

Seeing her overwhelming aura on stage,
and how the venue turned into
Yui-chan’s colors,

I felt once again that it was really happening, or rather,
a lot of different emotions welled up inside me.

Once again, truly, welcome back ☺️

I hope that we can continue to have
a relationship of mutual encouragement.

And I hope that we can both take it easy once in a while,
and spoil each other.

I hope that from now on, in Sakurazaka46,
we can make our dreams as a group and as individuals come true,
and share many things together. 🌸

Akane and Pe-chan, congratulations on your graduation ‪‪☺︎‬

6 years,
feels like such a short time when you look at the number

But I feel that we have spent so many days together,
and shared many sights and memories together.

When you have been working together for so long,
you will strangely come to think,
“This time will last forever’

It is hard for me to say goodbyes,
and each time, I am always reminded of how

“The members are important to me, and I love them so much”,
hundreds, thousands of times more than usual,

Spending the time until graduation with the two of them,
I was reminded of my feelings toward them
and each of their distinctive kindnesses,
I am full of gratitude
to them both.

At another time, I’ll try to convey in writing
what I can’t convey to the two of them directly. 💌

You two were truly beautiful and pretty~~.

I hope that Akane and Pe-chan
may smile a lot from now on.
I hope that they will be filled with happiness.

Thank you for your hard work for the past 6 years.
And thank you.‪‪‪‪☺︎‬

Well then,


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