‪‪☺︎ (2022.2.10)

Good evening


Thank you for your hard work today.


I’ve been eating kumquats a lot lately 🍊


Taking a bite out of a whole kumquat
It’s delicious, isn’t it!


When I realize it I’ve always
already eaten a whole bag
“Maybe I should just buy a little more?”
is what I’ve been thinking.


Should I try buying one kilo at once?


But if I do that it seems I might end up eating endlessly.


After all today’s amount is just about right maybe?
Maybe I’ll wait and see a little. 🍊








I’m a little shy.


The other day’s Sokosaku broadcast,
it was like taking a peek into everyone’s youth ☺️


I got a lot of kyuns ~.






And, at 19.00~ on TV Asahi
On「Uratore Chaimashita」*
I was invited to appear☺︎


(*T/N: A regular evening show that features behind-the-scenes footage of various industries, hosted by comedy duo Kamaitachi and ex-Nogizaka Shiraishi Mai.)


About the hidden specialties of my birthplace, Hyogo Prefecture
I was able to learn many things、
Once again, “Hyogo is full of charming places”、
I felt.


Nagoya Prefecture’s milk bread
To the point I was thinking “I want to hurry and go there soon!”
That’s how sweet and delicious it was‪‪☺︎


After the recording, from the program’s staff
I asked for a round one as a souvenir,
As I was feeling full of happiness again at home
I ate it ☺️


I was really happy~.


Everyone, please try it too~🐼





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